Yuko Ogura, Her gravure which celebrated 34 years old is a rare item of high value. Leave a comment


will not lose its beauty no matter how long it takes

Yuko Ogura is a Japanese variety talent.
She is already over 30 years old, it is a pretty good year.
When she made her debut, she was a “typical cute childborne character”.
But then he got married to a hair-making artist and settled down for a housewife.
She was a regular married life, but she is divorced because of her husband ‘s “affair problem”.

Originally it seems that the relationship between married couples was not so good.

She is very cute … Even now I am 34 years old (as of December 2017)

Basically it is not a type that is liked by same sex.

In Japan, “pretty child-baby character” like her is disliked by women.

But it is supported from men.

As I wrote in the previous article, Japanese women have severe eyes on same-sex age of the same age.

Given her age, no more gravure DVD or Blu-ray new work will come out ..

In other words, her media currently being distributed in Japan is very valuable.

Many things are difficult to obtain even in Japan.

Here is the DVD “I MISS YOU” released in December 2015

yuko ogura I Miss You Blu-Ray
yuko ogura I Miss You Blu-Ray

It is two years ago so it is quite a recent product. Moreover, it is worldwide common region free.
You can also play it in your country. For DVDs released in Japan, region free is few in number.

Looking at the jacket picture, her beauty and youth still seems to be still alive. It has not changed.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Between ourselves. I think that most people are reading abroad who are reading this blog, so I will talk about it.
Production that she belongs to “Platinum Production” .. Actually this entertainment production is quite behind in the industry rumors of evil
Yes. It seems that “YAKUZA” in Japan is lurking behind. Is it “Mafia” which is called overseas?

Well all the entertainment industry is such a thing. It is normal to have YAKUZA involved behind the scenes.

I do not know if she (Yuko Ogura chan) knows this or not ..

But Japan is a safe and safe country .. Overseas entertainment world is more amazing .. probably …

Child of Yuko Ogura.
Unfortunately am hiding with eyes.

2 shots with “Nana Szuki” of Variety Talent.
I can not see it in the very thirties (Yukorin ..)
very cute.


For those who do not know Yuko Ogura chan, I will introduce one video.It is not gravure.

If you do not know about her in case.
I encourage you to appreciate her sexy appearance once.
Petite and charming .. Yuko Ogura like kitty is the best!

Thank you,

Spider DVD
Gen Fujiwara[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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