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After all, Japanese men are knocked out in Yukie chan ‘s wicked body.

Yukie Kawamura is super super gravure idol in Japan.
You should already know it.

She is from Japan’s northern country (Hokkaido · Otaru city).

The place called Hokkaido is the coldest in Japan, the area in the northernmost part.
The amount of snow is amazing.

Born and raised in Hokkaido in such a cold place, she must be patient, patient and patient.

When I was still on sale on eBay, her Blu Ray was very good at selling.

I guess her popularity is still alive now.

Her twitter posts are not like gravure idols, there are a lot of posts content that is awful.

In Bku-Ray [Beach Angel], Yukie chan enjoyed playing on the Island of Hawaii,

There are also quite a Kiwadoi scene .. Also at the Blu Ray there are plenty of her innocent real face
It is also a great dish.

Japanese men basically do not like women who are too thin.
Many men prefer women of a system that is slightly meatable. Most men think so.
In that sense she (Yukie Kawamura) is a woman with an ideal system for Japanese men.

Not too thin, not too thick .. But the chest and buttocks are large, plenty of volume feeling ..
Her charm is such a point.

It may be a gravure idol that is forever immortal.

Her drooping eyes are not eyes that provoke men. It is an eyes to a man rather than a provocation.
Her troublesome eyes to show in the gravure picture can be seen as a girl with a mildly rather than inviting a man.

When I look at her appearance gravure, I feel that it is different from any other gravure idols, too.
After all, there must be something that can only be shown to her. It may be an aura that is released from her whole body.

Not only beautiful but also a beautiful woman inside. It is surely Yukie chan.

Her sexy legs are sexy in barefoot, stockings, netting tights or anything you wear.
Even with the same content I felt by the performer (gravure idol) will be different.

After all, is not it the best that you see the images of your favorite gravure idols?

It looks like it looks invisible .. Her cheerful and plump breasts are exposed to the limit, but you can see everything
It is not. Watching while enjoying such a dilemma of your favorite gravure idols, and also to gravure video
It is also one of enjoyment methods.

Her titles are numerous, but none of them are also of high quality, it has one loss and there is no loss.
It is not all that we arrived today, but I will add more and more from now.

After all her weapon is breast. My heart is the best weapon. There is no useless luxury anywhere and it is sold in a slender flesh
I think that it is a gravure idol contrasting with Risa Yoshiki.

She never plays a professional work in the picture. The various poses she shows can be awkward somewhere,
I feel frustration.
Image that time flows slowly. But despite such frustration and this is only popular and veteran,
Yukie chan will do amateur smell acting (pose) …

Such a place may be her biggest charm.
I will continue to add media from Yukie Kawamura.

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