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Yui Kohinata,Get more gravure! Two works are not enough. The world is waiting. Leave a comment


Yui Kohinata  has only just begun, she will flapping in gravure now.

It is an introduction of Yui Kohinata from the arrival products of the day today.

She is a girl in Japan, of course, a gravure idol.
However, there are only two gravure videos she is issuing.
“First Love” and “Eden” .. only this.

Too cute she is wasteful.

Although it’s not very cute .. not particularly bad (lol)
Personally I do not dislike it. What would you guess when you saw her (Yui) ..

I have many Japanese DVDs and Blu-Ray of gravure ever to the world
There are things to think about selling …

After all foreigners (from the perspective of Japan) foreign buyers have preference.
Well, indeed it may be a matter of course, but preference is characteristic in some sense.

It is very difficult to express it in words ..

Somewhere I am away from the Japanese, or Japanese like a foreigner .. (especially in the direction of the US and Europe)

Is it okay for overseas buyers to prefer girls feeling close to their own country?

That’s not true ..!

But there are also buyers who pretend to be pretty “girls in Japan” who prefer cute girls.

She changes like a chameleon when taking a gravure photograph.

Some pictures look like sexy and grown-up atmosphere, others have children’s smells clearly.

Which one is the real one?

Oh yeah, I remembered it now. I like her legs. Her legs are thin and really beautiful legs.
Oh, are you also a leg fetish Mr.? Then she recommends it. Just watching her legs makes me feel happy.
I am the same “leg fetish” as yours .. So let’s enjoy together. Her few gravure videos ..
Because there are only two works by any means.

All right, our shop “Spider DVD” has two works as well. As long as there is inventory, you will not miss it.


>>Yui Kohinata’s DVD & Blu-Ray is here.


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