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Our shop Spider DVD is operated by Japanese company Cyber Bronx. Of course, we are Japanese people. Does your country not get a Japanese gravure idol or idol singer's CD or video? All right! We understand.

Spider DVD is located in Tokyo, Japan and has an online shopping business.

The world's largest auction site eBay, and Amazon. Through those platforms, there are always many Japanese products from Japan to the world It is sold. However, we noticed that Japan's gravure idol media are not being sold so much. However, we noticed that Japan's gravure idol media are not being sold so much. So, our mission. That is to international marketing of gravure idol media from Japan, and to get more people to know the charm of Japanese gravure idols.

  • Gravure DVD & BD.
  • Idols CDs
  • Japanese Girl Photo album
  • Idols Music Videos
  • Idols Goods
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In the world, Free shipping to any country.

There are no countries that cannot send products to Spider DVD. All products are free shipping! We will sell internationally around the world. Even if you live in any country, we will surely deliver the product.

  • Delivery by Japan Post International e Packet which realizes quick arrival.
  • Tracking number included in all shipping products.
  • Handling time will be shipped within 2 days at the shortest, within 5 at the latest.
  • In the unlikely event that the product arrives damaged, we will resolve it with responsibility.
  • Commodity does not reach? It is also okay. Loss of trouble during transportation is our responsibility. In that case, we will refund all the amount you paid.
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Get the media you want with a secure and secure payment method.

With the most secure payment, you surely get what you want. That is natural. So our spider Spider DVD uses Paypal's payment system which is the most famous and safe as the means of settlement around the world. If you have a Paypal account, ordering items are very easy! Once you log in to your Paypal account, payment is complete with only registered email address and Paypal password. You do not need to present your name, credit card number etc here.

  • If it is within 3 hours after ordering, we will accept cancellation.
  • Cancellation processing is also very speedy. The time required for cancellation and refund processing at our store is about several seconds. After the refund process is executed, your account will be refunded and reflected immediately.
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