Today’s arrival of DVD & Blu-Ray products. The attention is Marina Nagasawa. Leave a comment

Today’s arrival of DVD & Blu-Ray products. The attention is Marina Nagasawa.

Popular now, Marina Nagasawa DVD & Blu-ray arrived!
On November 25, 2017, today Mrina Nagasawa, popular idol, Sasami Ami, and a boyish girl “RaMu’s" title arrived.
Sasano Ami is a very big and sexy girl, RaMu is a cool and boyish girl.
Today I was working on updating the shop until late at night as usual. I’m pretty tired .. now it’s on the verge of going down.
However still our shop has few item points. (I have to increase it more …)

Although our shop is still young, I will do my best to become a monster gravure shop from now.

By the way Do you know Nagasawa Marina?

Marina Nagasawa is a popular gravure idol of Japan. But she is popular all over the world as well as in Japan.
A member of former school princess. I am from Saitama prefecture of Japan.
She is really small and looks like a little sister.

The height is 153 cm, it is small.

Unfortunately there is not much of her gravure media.
But at our shop we got it all!

By the way this girl “Nagasaka Marina" was talked about in Russia before “Miss ID 2016"
Sometimes. However, it is quite a while ago in 2015.
The reason for becoming that topic is “There is a beautiful girl who resembles Cheburashka ..!?"
I do not know who this is Cheburashka …

Is it because she seems to have too many searches?

I was worried so I looked it up looking at YOUTUBE … and then … indeed the comment field
There are plenty of Russian comments that I do not understand! !


What is Miss ID?

Apparently it is a mis ID that the Kodansha-sponsored audition project seeking “2016 girls who have never seen before in a new era"
It seems to be. It is totally unknown. I am not so familiar with Japanese me.

Including DVD & Blu-Ray of Marina Nagasawa, other arrival products.
Please see by all means!

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