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Hello! Gravure fan all over the world

We have launched a mail order shop specializing in Japanese gravure idols!
The shop name is “SpiderDVD" What do you think of this name?
As a result of thinking and thinking carefully, we thought of this simple shop name which caught up .. 🙂
I will introduce myself anew. I am called Gen Fujiwara representative of “SpiderDVD". Born in Japan, raised in Japan. I still live in Japan.
I myself have sold Japanese gravure idols DVDs and Blu-ray, they are sold on eBay, the world’s largest auction site. I noticed that these products are loved by users around the world such as America and Europe.
Certainly, Japanese girls are beautifully cute. It is really sexy and charming.
I am sure that you are interested in the Japanese ‘s Clavian idol. That is enough. That’s why we want to deliver the media of Japanese gravure idols to many users all over the world.
From that wish, this shop “SpiderDVD" was born.
The number of goods, settlement security. There are various problems now at present. However, we will continue to solve the problem one by one. Please stay tuned.
We will never betray you.
Please look forward to our activities in the future.
We will nurture it as “the world’s largest gravure DVD & Blu-Ray specialty store" in the world.

Thank you in the future.

CyberBronx: Gen Fujiwara

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