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Finally I posted all the titles of “Anna Konno” today.
There are 19 titles of “Anna Konno” in all.
But now I am active in actress work, so I do not know if her gravure will be seen in the future. (sad..)

A wonderful talent and beautiful woman born in Japan and China.That is Sayaka Okada,

By the way, although the story will change, I will introduce a pretty beautiful girl gravure model which was in stock today.
That name is “Sayaka Okada” (chan).

This girl is pretty cute.
This girl is also active in television programs and radio, and it is also the stage of Japan’s famous fashion show
I also have a leading role in “Tokyo Girls Collection”.
In any case she has a good style! !

The father is Japanese, the mother is actually half of the Chinese.

Hobby is “Manga, Game, Anime” especially 【Love Live! I am a big fan of.

Also she is a talented woman, highly educated. High school is famous “Aoyama Gakuin High School” after graduating from high school “Aoyama Gakuin University college of international politics and economics”I am considerably smart.

To be surprised is still early, she has such a cute face and has a title of “Woman Pro Mahjong”.I can hardly imagine from the appearance ..

I think that you can see by looking at the picture, it is a super slender body.
The feeling that this underwear is slightly wet is very sexy and sexy.[/vc_column_text][vc_zigzag color=”turquoise”][vc_column_text]

A slender body with a height of 170 c tall.
Probably her blu ray will not come out for the time being. Please get it now.


She always looks like “Kyoto” when I take a picture, but that is one of the charms.
And her biggest feature is its height is 170 cm! In America and Europe this may be normal, but my country
It’s a woman in Japan and a height of 170 cm is a huge girl (laugh)

I feel like she is getting thinner than she looks at gravure video now.

However, she can watch her beautiful body that made it a bit plump in her Blu – ray video “Silk” arrived today.
This work “Silk” is a title that I had a very good reputation when I sold it on the eBay auction site in the USA.
It really sell well.

Are you Blu-ray fighter than DVD? After all Blu-ray has better image quality and higher quality ..

Oh … I forgot to say, she is also an exclusive model of a popular fashion magazine “non-no” for Japanese young ladies.
Our shop is a shop specializing in gravure, but please do not hesitate to say that such a fashion magazine in Japan wanted.

To find. It is decided to be there. And we will sell it to you at a reasonable price.
Please be assured we will send it anywhere in the world.

Please see the popular>>[ Blu-ray “Silk” of sayaka okada] here.


Sakaya Okada
(Okada Sayaka, February 19, 1994 -) is a Japanese gravure idol, fashion model, pro-singer.
I am from Tokyo. Artist house · Pyramid belongs
Sakaya Okada
Nickname Okayo
Birth date February 19, 1994
Current age 23 years
Hometown Japan’s flag Japan / Tokyo
Blood type O type
Nominal size (as of 2016 [1])
Height / Weight 170 cm / – kg
Three Size 85 – 58 – 83 cm
Cup size G
Inseam / Height ratio 97.3 cm / 57.2%
Shoe size 24.5 cm
Unit system conversion [Display]
Debut 2011
Genre fashion
Other Activity Mahjong
Office Artist House Pyramid
Credit ; wikpedia


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