ZOMBIE- Production 35th Anniversary HD Remaster Ultimate Edition [Blu-ray]



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ZOMBIE- Production 35th Anniversary HD Remaster Ultimate Edition [Blu-ray]

Italian horror master, Lutio Furuchi made a timeless masterpiece into a BD. A police officer searching for a suspicious sailing ship was attacked by a grudged giant. The newspaper reporter’s waist knows that the owner of the sailing ship ended up disappearing at the Matuur island floating in the South Sea and heads to the site.

【First Blu-rayed (2-Disc Set)】

Heart stroke! The world shook the flock of rotting zombies who drows in human beings!

A gold-colored tower of fresh blood shining brilliantly in zombie film history appeared in the ultimate specification full of!

● HD New Master Edition produced from original negatives ● First recorded 7.1 channel surround sound by digital remix ※ No DVD recorded

● First commentary on audio commentary by the writer Erisa Briganti * No DVD recorded ● Audio commentary by actor Ian · McCullt recorded ● TV version Japanese dubbing sound (TBS version) recorded

● Fan pretender valuable bonus footage packed ※ DVD not yet recorded videos

● All Color Special Photo Book Enclosed Outer Case Specification * Initial Production Limited * Ended.

【Cast】 Ian McCarock, Tisa Farrow, Richard Johnson, Olga Carlatos, Al Kreiver, Stepania Damario

【Staff】 Director: Lucio Furci, Producer: Fabrizio de Angelis / Hugo Tucci

【Video benefits】 (Approximately 410 minutes scheduled) ※ DVD not recorded

● Interview with Ian McCullrock & Richard Johnson (Actor) & Al-Claribers (Actor) & Ottaviano Delakua (Stunt / Zombie role)

Interview of Fabrizio de Angelis (producer) * Interview of Elisa Briganti & Daldano · Saketti (joint script)

● Interview with Sergio Salvati (shooting) & Walter Patriarcha (art / costume design)

● Interview of Jeanette de Rossi (special effects · makeup) & Maurizio · Trani (makeup) & Gino de Rossi (special effect) ※

Interview of Fabio Fritzi (music) * Interview of Antonella Furuchi (director’s daughter / former actress)

● Interview of Guillermo del Toro (Director of “Pacific Rim") * ● Ian McCarock speaks of Horror trilogy (45 minutes 50 seconds) *

● From Romero to Flutich ~ The rise and fall of Italian zombie movies (59 minutes 30 seconds) * ● Gino de Rossi tells about his special effects (26 minutes 30 seconds) ※

● Ian · McCarok’s opening comment (1 minute 30 seconds) * ● Participant interview collection “BUILDING A BETTER ZOMBIE" (Uncut edition / 145 minutes)

● Interview with Walter Patriarca alone ● Interview with Captain Hagerty (role of actor / zombie) ● Evening of Darker (actor / role of Lucas)

● Italian version trailer ● English version trailer ● TV spot (2 types) ● Radio spot (4 types) ● Photo gallery ※

ZOMBIE- Production 35th Anniversary HD Remaster Ultimate Edition [Blu-ray] Product infomation

Cast: Ian McCarock, Tisa Farrow, Richard Johnson, Olga Carlatos, Al Kleiber

Director: Lucio Furci

Format: Color, Dolby, Widescreen

Language: English, Japanese

Subtitle: English

Region code: Region free (all over the world)

Screen size: 1.78: 1

Number of disks: 2

Distributor: Happinet (SB) (D)

Release date 2014/08/02

Time: 91 minutes

JAN: 4907953043954

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