YUKINE SAKURAGI- Third generation attack name: Sara ~ Yasha of libido dancing on a wet back[V CHINEMA]



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YUKINE SAKURAGI- Third generation attack name: Sara ~ Yasha of libido dancing on a wet back[V CHINEMA]

Flash of revenge that slender beauty naked body fascinates!!
Yasha’s tattoo engraved on the back of a beautiful woman is still lustful tonight …

Ultimate violence and sensual SEX stimulate instinct!
A heroic illustrator depicting a woman who survives in a world without men, such as the “Wifes of the Polar Way” series. Following this route that was once a V-cinema super iron plate, following the last year’s “ second generation name: Asuka ”, a sexy & violent world in which the traditional narrative story structure and the latest themes that thrive in the times are intertwined, even in this work Thoroughly built. Make viewers’ hearts burn even more this year!

A series of whole body action and rich drama, intense depiction!!
For decades since the reversion of the mainland, Okinawa, the U.S. Army, and the related Ryukyu Underground have always been hot topics in movies. I wonder if this ever-summer land will shine today when it comes to base issues, and in OVs with less constraints. Also, in terms of sexyness, the actress should be able to shine even more in the openness of all Okinawa locations and the beautiful and exotic scenery.

The top idol in the V-cine world, starring Yuki Sakuragi!
Starring Yuri Sakuragi’s slender body and neat looks. From 2018, as a leader of the idol group “We Are Liars”, she is a swift performer who plays the difficult role of the third generation female hero with a fierce sword fight. The opponent is Miyuki Sakura who is also a pink movie performer. A fierce but bewitching female fight is a must-see!

Sara (Yukine Sakuragi), the only daughter of Ry 三 zo Ry 響 ki, the second generation of the Ninkyo Ichibu Kyogumi group, had a peaceful day as an OL of a leading company, but was suddenly informed of the death of his father who flew in, and for the first time in five years Open one door. Knowing that Ryuzou was killed in an attempt to stop the drug distribution conspiracy, and that he wanted to succeed himself, Sara bid farewell to the public and set foot on Shura’s path. To go…. The love that grows in the fierce conflict, the love that has been gently spun out of the front society, the dirty desires of the men in the back society, Ira’s Ii Ishin of all cuttings explode!!

Contents (from “Kinema Junposha” database)
Eros drama starring popular sexy actress Yuki Sakuragi. Sara, the only daughter of Ryozo Hibiki, the second generation of Hibiki, who lived peacefully as an OL. Sara, who realizes that her suddenly killed father was thinking of taking over herself, said goodbye to the front society and set foot on Shura’s path.

Cast: Yuki Sakuragi
Format: color, widescreen
Language: Japanese
Region Code: Region 2
Screen Size: 1.78: 1
Number of discs: 1
Publisher: Takeshobo
Sales Date 2019/05/08
Time: 72 minutes
JAN: 4985914758529

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