Yuika Honkariya- Photobook “maururu” (Japanese) Book (soft cover) – 11/1/2017

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Yuika Honkariya- Photobook “maururu” (Japanese) Book (soft cover) – 11/1/2017

As an actress, he is very active in dramas and on stage. In recent years, TBS King also served as a branch moderator, and Yuika Honkaya, who is active in multi, released his first photo book in about 5 years. This time we shoot with a hot love story as the theme. The place went in Tahiti, the last paradise. This magnificent theme is luxuriously recorded in two books together with a photo that feels the vitality that was the wish of the person himself. Of course, I guess it’s the content that you can enjoy either way, but as the editor in charge, I think it’s best to look at both (sweat). The topic of the New Year 2017 is definitely monopolistic! The title is Maururu meaning “Thank you” in the words of Tahiti.

Book (soft cover)
Publisher: Wanibooks (2017/1/11)
Language: Japanese
ISBN-10: 4847048873
ISBN-13: 978-4847048876
Release Date: January 11, 2017

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