VISITING HOURS- HD Remaster version: Blu-Ray

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Psycho horror by Jean-Claude Road director and script writer Brian Tagert. A woman caster · deborah who is getting high support from the world is seized seriously by being attacked by an assailant. The criminal who also invaded her hospitalization stabbed other patients and nurses ….


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VISITING HOURS- HD Remaster version: Blu-Ray

【First disc format (DVD not yet released) / Japanese dubbing audio first recording / first recorded bonus number!】

Brutal murderous intent striking a midnight hospital – Psycho horror approaching contemporary lesions!

Suddenly, a nightmare that is targeted for violence not to be mentioned. The theme of distorted contemporary lesions, Canadian coach Jean-Claude Road director Psycho-horror that combines with screenwriter Brian Tagat of popular television series “V".

Michael Ironside, a spoken actor with the role of the ESP of “Scanners", burns with female hatred and performs with an evil role of the evil eye that infringes medical sanctuary. The opponent of Lee Grant of “Omen 2", it creates a strange suspense that it was scattered.

– HD remastering 1080p high image quality wide screen version!

● TV version Japanese dubbing voice (TBS version) first recorded!

* For voice messages, the part without the sound source is the original voice · Japanese subtitles.

– First recording valuable bonus footage of fan-dropping! (About 80 minutes)


Deborah (L · Grant), a news program at a Canadian television station, is a famous female caster who strongly appeals anti-violence and gets high support. One evening, after finishing work and returning home she is severely struck by a knife on a strange idiot. The criminal aimed to put on Deborah and also invaded the emergency hospital’s hospital. Stimulate patient ‘s old lady and nurse. The fear of Deborah who is not remembering the face of the criminal with the shock of the attack is only tied at night. Eventually the murderer’s witch will come closer to beauty nurse Sheila (L · Pearl) who gradually bothers to take care of Deborah.


Michael Ironside (“Total Recall")

Lee Grant (“Omen 2 / Damian")

Linda Pearl (“Mighty Joe")

William Shatner (“Star Trek: Space Division Operation")

Renoir Zan (“My birthday will not come again")

“Appearance of voice"

Deborah (Lee Grant): Sawada Toshiko

Gary (William Shatner): Osaka

Colt (Michael Ironside): Yasuo Muramatsu

Sina (Linda · Pearl): Takashima Masura

Lisa (Renault Zan): Rasa Sasaki



1. English Dolby TrueHD 2.0ch mono (original)

2. Japanese Dolby TrueHD 2.0ch Mono (Dub)


1. Japanese subtitles

2. subtitles for dubbing

【Video benefits】

○ Brian Tagato Interview (43 minutes 46 seconds)

○ Pierre David Interview (11 minutes 17 seconds)

○ Renoir · Than (actress actress) interview (22 minutes 58 seconds)

○ TV & Radio · Spot (2m30s / schedule)

VISITING HOURS Product infomation

Cast: Michael Ironside, Lee Grant, Linda Pearl, William Shatner, Renault Zan

Director: Jean-Claude Road

Format: Color, Dolby, Widescreen

Language: English, Japanese

Subtitle: Japanese

Region code: Region free (all over the world)

Screen size: 1.78: 1

Number of disks: 1

Distributor: Happinet

Release date 2018/03/02

Time: 105 minutes

JAN: 4907953071988

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