Umino Kawamura- Thinking of a Trip [Photo Collection] ([Variety]) (Japanese) Mook – 13/11/2019

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Umino Kawamura- Thinking of a Trip [Photo Collection] ([Variety]) (Japanese) Mook – 13/11/2019

After winning the “Miss iD 2017” and making his debut, he quickly became active in commercials, dramas and voice actors, and appeared on the stage “Sailor Moon The Super Live” and the musical “Peter Pan”. This is the first photo book of beautiful girl actress, Umino Kawamura. In addition to photographs taken by photographer Seiichi Uozumi for a long time in places such as Atami and Okinawa, illustrations that are a special skill of Kawamura Umino, who is also known as a manga anime nerd and is also a graduate of a design college, are posted. But most of all, the beauty of this photo book art book lies in Kawano Umino’s innocent beauty that purifies what he sees, and his subtle freshness. Everyone will be captivated by her charm and you will notice her potential in the future. The title was decided by herself, as Kawamura Umino set out to shoot with a view to the future of traveling together someday.

Publisher: Enet Frontier (2019/11/13)
Language: Japanese
ISBN-10: 4862059317
ISBN-13: 978-4862059314
Release Date: November 13, 2019

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