Tomomi Itano – Photo collection”release”Monograph – August 25, 2017

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Tomomi Itano – Photo collection"release"Monograph – August 25, 2017

Tomomi Itano, who is working as a solo artist for almost 4 years after graduating from AKB48. In recent years, he has also put emphasis on actress work and continues to evolve. She banned the sealed swimsuit! I caught sexiness of adults as it is with the pop and cute charm.

In this work that emphasized “Human · Itano Tomomi" instead of “sparkling" idol, he also chased the flesh of the body. A smiling face that is innocently frolicing at the beach, a smiling face that is refreshing, a spirit of provoking with a cool swimming suit, standing in the great nature, a wild appearance. Under the sunshine of Hawaii, I kept cuddy as it was, and shot a sensuous figure that I had never had before. On August 25, the first photo collection in 7 years will be released, you can meet “New Tomomi Itano".

【Personal Comment】

In my past activities, I often produced my own that I wanted to show me such a thing, but now I am 26 years old, I feel strongly that I would like to meet other than Tomomi Itano. At that time, it was this photo album that I thought about letting everyone to leave it to someone, got a story of photo album production and I was able to do it.

Also, as I am now, I thought that there is something new for me to discover and learn by myself by suggesting that there is something to express and then challenging the sealed swimsuits since I graduated from AKB 48 It was. In shooting, instead of a superficial expression, if the current feeling in it is obscured and photographed what is overflowing from the inside …, I challenged with such a feeling.

People absorb various things, I think that they are changing every day. The expression changes with the environment at that time and the mind changes, and even if the same smile changes, it will change depending on the heart. I’d be happy if you can meet such a detailed change and a new me.

【Profile】 Tomomi Itano (Batman · Tomomi) Born July 3, 1991. I am from Kanagawa prefecture. In 2005, we started activities as AKB 48 first grader. Popular as a central member of the group, into a single selection regular. Solo debut in 2011. At the same time, as a fashion leader, she also gathers strong support from women and plays an active part not in the frame of idols. In August 2013, I graduated from AKB 48 who enrolled for 8 years. Up to now we have released 9 single and 2 albums.

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Cool, cute, wild … lifted the sealed swimsuit. Unleashed in Hawaii, the flesh body of the masterpieces.

Tomomi Itano – Photo collection"release"Monograph – August 25, 2017: Prodcut detail

Monograph: 160 pages

Publisher: Kodansha (2017 / August 25)

Language: Japanese

ISBN-10: 4062207435

ISBN-13: 978-4062207430

Release date: August 25, 2017

Packing size: 30.1 x 21.6 x 1.5 cm

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