THE TALL MAN- 2012 FRANCE [Blu-ray]



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THE TALL MAN- 2012 FRANCE [Blu-ray]

This ending will change the history of the movie –

A terrifying shock revolution beyond “Marties"!

Starring: Jessica Biel (“Texas · Chainsaw" “Total Recall") × Director: Pascal · Roger (“Marties")

Spirited or devil’s mischievous child creeping creature creeping into the town of death “Tallman" Director Pascal Roger of “Marties" who opened up a new era of horror with extreme punitive depiction and philosophical conception. The next topic chosen by the demonic genius of the French film world is the frequent occurrence of childhood disappearance around the world. Research this strange phenomenon to call even a modern day spirit, with the advice of a US FBI agent and thorough research. I completed a shockwork far exceeding “Marties".

The FBI who cooperated with that spectacular content was unexpectedly irresistible, he says he could not hide the color of astonishment.

Jessica · Beer of the “Total Recall" starring is. She read the screenplay and promptly decided to appear, and she performs a deadly fight with “Tallman" with whole body. For co-starring “Rose in Tide Land" Jodel Ferrand. In domestic France it is recording a mega hit as soon as it is released. A mysterious story in which suspicious people who are reminded of “Twin · Peaks" in a coal mine town in the remote area are intertwined with a shocking Don Deng return. “Truth", revealed in a stinging climax, is a truly revolutionary ending that easily reverses the concept of horror = fear. A terrifying last that challenges the limit of imagination, can you predict?

Cold rock in a coal mine town surrounded by a vast forest and a maze like underground pit. From this town where we are quickly deserted from closing the mine six years ago and just waiting for death in poverty and quiet, young children disappear one after another. There are already 18 victims. Who? What for? The mystery calls a mystery, people named the unknown childing demon “Tallman." Julia, a nurse who opens a clinic in town, follows a child who was taken away by someone from his house and arrives at a diner out of town while being scarred. Inexplicable behavior of the inhabitants gathering there.

Eventually, when all the mysteries were solved and the unimaginable truth was revealed, “Tallmann" is an abominable legend.

Horror suspense by director Pascal Roger. The mysterious missing childhood incident occurred frequently in Cold Rock which was quickly missed by mine closure. Julia who has taken away the child gets to the diner out of town. “View this before you die! 2018 King Movie 220 episodes!"

THE TALL MAN- 2012 FRANCE [Blu-ray] Product infomation

Cast: Jessica Beer, Jodel Ferrand

Director: Pascal Roge

Region code: Region A (For details, see here DVD / Blu-ray specification.)

Number of disks: 1

Distributor: King record

Release date 2018/08/08

Time: 106 minutes

JAN: 4988003851590

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