The Mangler- Tobe Hooper: Blu-Ray


Horror movie made by Stephen King who painted the fear of the washing press machine where the evil spirit lived. The press machine “Mangura” that the devil stayed strikes humans one after another. “View this before you die! 2018 King Movie 220 episodes!”

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The Mangler- Tobe Hooper: Blu-Ray

Starring Robert England (“The Nightmare on Elm Street"), Original Stephen King (“Shining"), Director Tobey Hooper (“Devil Snowman")

SFX horror monument released by the Three Great King of Horror !!

A short story “Human Compression Machine" of the master of horror novel world known for such as “Carry" “Shining" etc. which the blood-hungry machine awakens in this world, “Devil Sorrowful" etc. The horror world big man, Toby Hooper, who produced a number of masterpieces, became a movie, and a horror movie icon, Robert England, known for his role as Freddie Kruger in “Nightmare on Elm Street" Horror movie star gathered. Draws the fear of the press machine for washing, where evil spirits strike inhabitants.

Blue Ribbon Mangura for washing press where the devil lived with the blood of a girl working at the laundry factory. The mangler who remembered human blood will attack people one after another. Criminal John Huntton stands up to stop Mangra’s runaway.

The Mangler Tobe Hooper: Product infomation

Cast: Elizabeth · Bereid, Cooper · Huckaby

Director: Tobe Hooper
Langugae: English, Japanaese

Region code: Region A (For details, see here DVD / Blu-ray specification.)

Number of disks: 1

Distributor: King record

Release date 2018/08/08

Time: 96 minutes

JAN: 4988003851668

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