The Fog- John Carpenter: Blu-Ray



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The Fog- John Carpenter: Blu-Ray

The legendary horror of the horror film world master John Carpenter revives at the Blu Ray!

Halloween “," Object X from Planets “," Zealib “etc. The horror of the horror film director John Carpenter’s legendary horror is finally resurrected! Japan’s first Blu-ray version !! Horror movie master John Carpenter’s masterpiece horror. Once in 100 years, I draw the fear of ghosts that come to the port town. It was remade in 2005. The fear of scenes covering the midnight town with heavy fog carrying ghosts from the sea and the visual beauty are a must-see. John · Carpenter who worked with special makeup Rob Bottine in this work later will produce a historical masterpiece horror “object X from planet" in this combination.

The harbor town Antonio Bay was crowded at the 100th birth anniversary of birth. Late night at such a port town, a thick mist flows from the sea and covers the town. A ghost appears from the dense fog and massacres the residents. The ghost was a rich man and crew member of the ship who was murdered without being abandoned by the four workers who built the town 100 years ago. The ghosts revived after 100 years in order to revenge on Antonio Bay, a prosperous town that killed and deprived themselves. The desperate warning of the radio DJ Stevie who noticed the situation is also vain, the town is enveloped in fog, the massacre begins …

Different color horror by director John Carpenter who painted the phobia of ghosts. Antonio Bay celebrates 100 years of birth, people are killed one after another in a thick fog. Soon the secret of the birth of the town became clear ….

The Fog John Carpenter: Product infomation

Cast: Adrian Burbo, Jamie Lee Curtis

Director: John Carpenter
Langugae: English, Japanaese

Region code: Region A (For details, see here DVD / Blu-ray specification.)

Number of disks: 1

Distributor: King record

Release date 2018/08/08

Time: 99 minutes

JAN: 4988003851439

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