THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE- André Øvredal: Blu-Ray



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THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE- André Øvredal: Blu-Ray

Jane Doe

Do not put a scalpel in this –

■ Full of theaters every day! Voice of astonishment from each direction! Authentic horror who brought a shocking fear experience!

As soon as it was released at Tokyo 1 pavilion, the word-of-mouth review was posted on the occasion and the daily occupation was recorded. A certain fashion icon-like musician said “It was seriously scary" on Twitter, “Escape place without fear", “Fear is too much to sleep", echoing spreads regardless of age and youth, real smash hits recorded in major cities across the country Horror ‘s masterpiece appeared with fullness!

■ 90 minutes with one corpse! A number of horrifying abnormal situations caused by all beautiful naked corpses!

Beyond the unexpected beauty (eroticism beyond that) that is comparable to the corpse of the legendary TV series “Twin Peaks" and a reputed dead body, as we proceed with its dissection, a number of impossible things emerge from within the corpse Then, unlikely phenomena occurred one after another. About 90 minutes with one corpse, innovative settings and deployment that tension and fear are unbroken are also talked about!

■ A director and a first-rate cast created by an ambitious director, crystal of acting and acting!

Director is a different character “Troll Hunter", a talented André Uwedredar. Dense and bold production and composition created a masterpiece of a real horror of unexpected startling. Starring Emil Hirsch (“Loan Survivor") and Brian Cox (“RED" series). Attract new and old actors, respite of breath acting.

【Video benefits】

(Blu-ray exclusive / planned):

● Making (about 13 minutes)

● Interview Collection: André Wovedured, Director,

Emile Hirsch, Brian Cox,

Opilia · Ravi Bond (about 33 minutes)

● Preliminary announcement editing: Original (Green Band, Red Band, Teaser),

Japan version (about 5 minutes)

※ Specifications of benefits video include 16: 9 HD full size / DTS – HD MA 2.0ch.


Veteran coroner Tommy also runs a mortuary with Austin, the son of the coroner. On a stormy night, police request urgent requests. It was a necropsy dissection of the corpse of an unknown beautiful woman Jane Doe found naked from the scene of a mysterious murder case.

Although it seemed to be an ordinary necropsy, as the dissection advances with inserting a scalpel, an abnormal state was found such as the inside of the body was burned and cut. Eventually a number of impossible things are found in the body, phenomena that can not happen occur one after another, shock and shudder run. Outside was a storm, communication was also discontinued. In a space isolated and closed, fear without escape begins … ….

【Cast (voice)】

Emile Hirsch (Kawada Shinji), Brian Cox (Asahihiko), Opilia Ravi Bond (Kondo Yui)


Director: André Uwedredal (“Troll Hunter")

Production: Fred Burger (“La la land") and others

Screenplay: Ian Goldberg (“Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles"), Richard Nine

Anatomy of Jane Doe [Blu-ray] Product infomation

Cast: Emile Hirsch, Brian Cox, Opilia Ravi Bond

Director: Andre · U Onceredall
Langugae: English, Japanaese

Format: Color, Dolby, Widescreen

Region code: Region free (all over the world)

Screen size: 1.78: 1

Number of disks: 1

Distributor: Shochiku

Release date 2017/10/04

Time: 86 minutes

JAN: 4988105105140

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