SCHOOLGIRL COMPLEX Monograph (Soft cover) – July 8, 2010

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SCHOOLGIRL COMPLEX Monograph (Soft cover) – July 8, 2010

“Is it provocative or defenseless?"

Embarrassment and delusions for a girl who was cut off from a boy ‘s point of view.

Sensory feeling against girls’ school students,

A photograph collection of new sensation that cut out a fetish gaze in a sense.

“Schoolgirl Complex" as an original scenery of adolescence

■ 2007 Canon Photography New Century Excellence Award Winner

■ Mr. Yoshiyuki Sadamoto acclaimed! (Manga artist, animator. “Neon Genesis Evangelion" etc.)

“To the girls’ dangerous Eros, the men are kept mad, they may be destined to be incorporated into DNA"

■ Mr. Azuma Hideo is highly acclaimed! (Manga artist, “Disappearance diary" etc.)

“When I thought that the angle of the camera was overlooked, it was with my point of view, it is a pervert, a masterpiece with fetish"

■ The spirituality of the act of “peeping", the unprecedented photo collection directed perfectly / Daisuke Yoshida

A real bookstore with a row of sold outs, starving refugees rushing into the net bookstore, entering the top three in the book’s total ranking of amazon, a wonderful photo album that large reprints were decided in just four days from release. It is a small book with a palm size of 160 pages in all, 18 cm in length × 14 cm in width. Basic is one piece per page, female students in uniform or bathing suits are cut out with square framing and appear. It was a one-shot knockout with the second photo “stand up". On the way up from the chair in the classroom, the line of sight sucks on the back side of the thigh that appeared all over the area in the skirt. Since it was taken at low angle, the gaze which looks at the photograph naturally rises quickly, stimulating the excitement center also in its movement sense.

This photographer is a director who draws out the physicality of the subject to the utmost and it is a superb choreographer. “Skin chiller" spilling out of the gap between the coat and the stomach when leaning forward. A finger-like finger trying to put the heel inside the shoes …… In any picture, the face is hidden outside the frame or part of the body. Because the gaze towards this side has been eliminated, the feeling of peeping is enhanced and the interest is focused on the defenseless body and gesture.

There are many surreal situations that you can not see in reality. I personally witnessed a childish play (thinking that nobody is looking at) like a child playing (putting his head in a locker or inverting three points in a bed in a health care room) by chance There is a photograph that drifts like a strange feeling like when I was there. Let’s confirm. The thing that the picture is taken at the same time as the subject, that is, the location where the picture was taken = the position of the viewpoint. If we assimilate that viewpoint and think about the positional relationship with the subject … … I can acquire more eros.

Where, on my own, how and why are you moved? So that means that you can find your own fetish if you explore it, this photo album is outstandingly “usable". A book of photographs may change the times. I vote for the possibility that this one book will change the world of face and chest centricism!

(“SPA!" August 3, 2010 issue)

Is it provocative or defenseless – a puzzle and a delusion for a girl who was cut off from a boy ‘s point of view. “Schoolgirl complex" as an original scenery of adolescence.

SCHOOLGIRL COMPLEX Monograph (Soft cover) – July 8, 2010: Product detail

Monograph (Soft cover): 160 pages

Publisher: East Press (July 8, 2010)

Language: Japanese

ISBN-10: 4781604153

ISBN-13: 978-4781604152

Release date: July 8, 2010

Packing size: 18.4 x 14.5 x 1.5 cm

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