Roses and whips- Akemi Nijyo&Yuri Yamashina [DVD]



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Roses and whips- Akemi Nijyo&Yuri Yamashina [DVD]

Romantic pornography based on secret literature in France. Husband Mr. Mitsuo who has a sense of inferiority to Akiko Shima, a wife, a budding female photographer. One day, Akiko leaves home suddenly. “Roman porno 45th anniversary commemoration · HD remaster version" Gold Price 3000 yen series “DVD".


Drunk on the whip’s sound, the rose’s flower core opens …

Real aesthetic SM lesbian works by Nijo Chiemi & Yuri Yuri Yuuri contest!

Roman porno’s SM work is a genre that is still the most sustained, but most of it is aesthetics that most heroes are denounced by Daikiga Rokkaku, the heroine of M is fallen down by blame and blamed. This work is a masterpiece with a unique charm and completeness by a taste completely different from that form.

“A woman breeds a woman", a beautiful girl puppet bred by a loving woman who obeys any order. The sensitivity increases as I get blamed. The breeding woman was playing for her dear husband. The plot, which is supposed to be based on French secret literature, emanates the charm of a foreign-style taste such as “Emanuel Lady," a big hit, a masterpiece directed masterpiece. A woman breeding, a beautiful mature woman Nijo Chin, a beautiful girl Yuriko Yuri, a beautiful young lady, and a dirty scent drifts in the whole story with beauty. Director Saburo Endo. Telecine from original negatives, authoring, HD remaster first DVD conversion!


Professional cameraman Shima Akiko was active as a budding female photographer. Husband Mitsuo is a high school teacher, but he had a sense of inferiority to Akiko who works with his home studio. One night when Aiko woke up, Mitsuo was indulged in masturbation next to him. Akiko drags Mitsuo to bed, but he was already withered. The next morning, Akiko leave home that he wanted to think alone for a while and left home.

A few days later, when Mitsuo returned from school, Akiko was bringing a girl named Yuki. Yuki was obedient to Akiko’s orders and looked like a living doll. Akiko returned home as she showed off Yuki.

A few days later, Mitsuo, called by phone, went to the park and met Akiko and Yuki. Yuki was bred more than when I saw him before, and he felt like a bit of Akiko’s stimulus. Akiko is keeping such Yuki to devote it to Mitsuo.

That day came. Akiko took Yuki and came to Hwa. Order Yuki to be naked and pick a whip. Yuki was wet only by it though it did not do anything. Akiko picks up Yuki with chains and begins to bully at the whip. One day Mitsuo, together with Akiko, was playing with Yuki. Yuki is agitated heavily, Mitsuo finally ends up in Yuki ‘s body. Akiko was watching over it kindly ….


Nijimi Chu, Yuri Yamina Yuri, Inoue Hirokazu, Kana Nakami, Kageyama Hidetoshi

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* Although there seems to be inappropriate today in the expression, we respect the intention of the producer and recorded it as it was screened at that time.

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Language is  Japanese only, No English subtitle.

Cast: Nishi Nijo, Yuri Yamashina, Hirokazu Inoue, Yumi Kuriyama, Hidetoshi Kageyama

Format: Color, Dolby, Widescreen

Language: Japanese

Region code: Region 2 (This DVD may not be playable in other countries, please see here for DVD specifications.)

Screen size: 2.35: 1

Number of disks: 1

Distributor: Happinet

Release date 2018/06/02

Time: 71 minutes

JAN: 4907953270053

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