Rin Azuma- Outrage Rin Beautiful woman’s wet lust: Japanese Video Chinema



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Rin Azuma- Outrage Rin Beautiful woman’s wet lust: Japanese Video Chinema

A blow of a beautiful woman who slashes the darkness of the back society!!
Sensuality, vengeance and desire wet the woman’s heart!!

A new masterpiece of the Eros x Chivalry series! A fierce drama & violence, and the best Eros pierces the instinct! Drawing a woman who survives strongly and sexyly in a world without men’s like the “ wife of the eccentric ” series Heroism thing. Our “attack name” series that followed this route, which was once a V-Cinema super-iron plate, has been rebuilt with the motto of “Egg, cooler, and more erotic than anything else!” There is no doubt that the ultimate excitement and pleasure will capture the viewer’s heart!!

A chain of tragedy and violence born of eternal love-To survive in a heartless world, the only way to survive is to have a body! Rin raised under the asylum of the dog god group who is a member of the rule of the old chivalry . She was sentenced to shabba for the first time in three years, guilty of revenge deprived of her loved ones, but she learns about the death of her parent, Eiichiro, the parent just before she grew up. After a long absence, Rin dives through the group’s gate, but her return will sprout the seeds of the struggle that was wriggling under the water. … At the end of the fierce killing that begins with love and vengeance, what will Rin see? <? Br> Higashi Rin & Toshiko Namiki starring W! ! Rin Higashi is the star. Since debuting as an active married actress in 2014, she has shown off the violent and bewitching female sex on AV, recently she has expanded her activities to pink movies, and even stage and general movies, and her passionate performance remains Do not know. The role of Azusa, her sister-in-law, also includes Toko Namiki, who also boasts the performance of a hundred battles and refines the story. The battle of a woman who is intense but sexy is a must-see!

[Story] Rin who was guilty of imprisonment from revenge deprived of a beloved. After completing the sentence, she flew back to the family of the chivalry family, Inugami who once raised herself as an adoptive child, and her father Eitaro died, and her brother, Ryuji and her wife, Azusa, who do not have blood, take charge. The pair learns that the situation is immediate, even before a conflict triggered by the case involving her. With the warmth of Ryuji and Azusa who welcome you warmly, and the warmth of unforgettable love, the blow of Rin’s justice explodes toward the evil desires off the path of righteous art!

An Eros drama in which a beautiful woman living in a back-to-back society casts a righteous blow on evil desires that have deviated from the path of righteousness. Rin, who was released from prison, returns to the bottom of the family who was brought up as an adopted child. However, her return will sprout the seeds of the struggle that was wriggling under the water.

Cast: Rin Azuma
Format: Widescreen
Language: Japanese
Region Code: Region 2
Screen Size: 1.78: 1
Number of discs: 1
Publisher: Takeshobo
Sales Date 2020/01/07
Time: 72 minutes
JAN: 4985914758642

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