Reina Kurosaki- First Photo Book “Rei” (Japanese) Large Book-2019/10/10

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Reina Kurosaki- First Photo Book “Rei” (Japanese) Large Book-2019/10/10

“Kamen Rider Ex-Aid” Reina Kurosaki, who has gained popularity as the role of Nico Nishima, has performed a wide range of activities, including actress and magazine models. Her first photo book will be released!
She is currently at a turning point at the age of 20, but surprisingly has little gravure experience. I took the time to shoot little by little so that she would not be nervous or atrocious.
The first contact between the shooting team and Reina Kurosaki is the winter snowy field. She was born in Nagoya and hasn’t experienced much snowfall. She was covered in snow and was very excited. She also showed off her actress’s soul in a white dress and her first lingerie at the lodge.
The next shoot was in late spring, she was standing all over the cherry blossoms, and she was just an angel. Furthermore, I repeat shooting and try to make in the studio.
The photo book ends in Okinawa just after the rainy season. Okinawa was her first step into her life. Such as the first swimsuit on a remote island and a cut at a villa, the width of the pretend is unlikely to be the first photo book. It is full of photos that you can take because you are not an adult, you are not a child, you are just your age.
The number of shots exceeds about 10,000. Please do not miss her figure shining as the seasons change in Japan.

[Comment from the person]
I had always dreamed of releasing a photo book when I was 20 years old. At first it was full of first things and I was confused, but as I continued to shoot, I began to feel responsive. There are a lot of pictures in the form that I will show you for the first time, and I am happy and embarrassing, but I would like many people to pick it up!

Contents (from “BOOK” database)
A 20-year-old story spun from over 10,000 shots.

Large book
Publisher: Wanibooks (2019/10/10)
Language: Japanese
ISBN-10: 4847082141
ISBN-13: 978-4847082146
Release Date: 2019/10/10

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