PIECES- Van Pichele Simon -HD Remaster Version- [Blu-ray]



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PIECES- Van Pichele Simon -HD Remaster Version- [Blu-ray]

It is scheduled to arrive on Feb 02, 2019

Raise the roar and approach the beautiful wooden chainsaw!

Fresh blood skimming, neck, arms, torso, ultimate human body puzzle!

Grindhouse’s big hit / splatter appears in luxury W version recording!

◆ Includes 2 versions of HD remastered, US Theater Unleashed Edition (85 minutes) + Original Director’s Cut Edition (86 minutes) * Original version is not released yet DVD

◆ First recorded 5.1ch surround sound by digital remix (US Theater released version) ※ DVD not recorded

◆ First recorded voice commentary by actor Jack · Taylor ※ Not recorded in DVD

◆ First collection of valuable privilege images of fan seduction (about 116 minutes scheduled) ※ DVD not recorded


A boy who cut down a mother who blamed the woman’s nude puzzle play with an ax and killed himself apart. Forty years later, he fainted an abnormal impulse in the depths of his heart without knowing, he dyed hands again for murder game at a peaceful school. A mysterious murderer who plunges a chain saw groaning among girls students who rejoice in youth and is absorbed in the ultimate human body puzzle with a cut meat piece at night.


Frank Brana (“New Leviathan / Lift"), Edmund Pardum (“Egyptians"), Paul Smith (“XYZ Madders"), Christopher George (“Exterminator"), Linda Day ), Ian Serra (“Drifting Boy"), Jack Taylor (“Ninth Gate")


Director: Van Pichele Simon (“New Leviathan / Lift" “Slugs"), Production: Steve Minacian (“Blood April Fool"), Dick Randall (“Blood April Fool"), Screenplay: Joe · John · Marine (“New Leviathan / Lift"), Music: Ribado · Pastor (“Drifting Boys"), Shooting: Damato (“Aquarius"), Dick · Randall (“Frankenstein · Revenge of Daughter"


○ Fan · Picheur · Simon’s interview (55 minutes 21 seconds)

○ Interview with actor Paul Smith (57 minutes 45 seconds)

○ Interview with Producer Steve Minasian (3 minutes)

○ Theater trailer (31 seconds)

○ Photo Gallery (Time to be determined)

Special mention

※ Product specifications may change.

※ This volume disc (Blu-ray / 2 layers) + bonus disc (DVD / one side 2 layers)

PIECES- Van Pichele Simon -HD Remaster Version- [Blu-ray]
Product infomation

Cast: Christopher George, Linda Day, Frank Brana, Edmund Pardum, Paul Smith

Director: Van Pichele Simon

Format: Color, Dolby, Subtitled, Widescreen

Languages: English, Spanish

Subtitle: Japanese

Region code: Region free (all over the world)

Screen size: 1.78: 1

Number of disks: 2

Distributor: Happinet

Release date 2016/11/2

Time: 85 minutes

JAN: 4907953068155

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