Pants specialty pose collection Because love pants, want to draw a large urgent pants! Monograph- 2018/4/7

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Pants specialty pose collection Because love pants, want to draw a large urgent pants! Monograph- 2018/4/7

Pants specialized in pants, special pants for drawing for drawing.

We shoot various types of pants wearing scenes from multiple angles and recorded.

With 2.5-dimensional white holly lighting, I grasped the shadow feeling of wrinkles, which is the most important when drawing pants, with gradation rich gradations.

Width Slightly wider A4 variant size · We will deliver pictures filled in 208 pages carefully!

Cover Sheet Model: Sayaka Hironori

In the official Twitte account @ * lewographix *, related information is being updated from time to time even after the release.

—– contents —–

■ Riding with snowy

Let’s go and see the potatoes

■ Environmental version of pants

~ Pants to draw in a fantasy world ~

What kind of pants are hiding in what place

CASE 1. If the student council president was reading books,

Always a pants trap is activated

CASE 2. Gothic girl is 0.1%

The pants that show with probability pierce stiffly.

CASE 3. In the guard hardened real milady’s skirt

Is unprotected pants standing in there

CASE 4. Fashion model wears out and acts daily

Five pieces of five thousand yen

CASE 5. Start from the time the nurse picks up something

A pants story that should not be seen

CASE 6. The perfect pants that were exercised

The cast on the stage directs us

CASE 7. At the house of a woman manager who is good at self-portraits

There must be super low-rise cord bread.

CASE 8. Normally when clerk clerks are active in an underground library,

That is T it.

CASE 9. I got home and relaxed with Nekipantsu

Bedspace to unlock paradise

CASE 10 super mini pleat when you wear anymore,

Pants looks just by standing

■ Emergency plan

Mr. pants with pants

Black tights and pants

■ Pants series to take off your face



@hot pants

@ White skinny


■ Because it can not be seen, its existence

Pant potential



@hot pants

Suddenly, feelings of the ground

Today it will become the ground, you have to look up to the pants indefinitely.

■ ~ Movement of pants ~

Look on girls’ gestures, facial expressions

Yanban’s pants

Gymnasium sitting ~ Pants in knee standing

Knees stand ~ pants on the seat

Knee stand – crouching pants

Crouching pants

Pants sitting with petties

Pants sat with a pants feat.

Pants that sink and sit down

Pants when raising both feet

Pants sitting somewhere

Open pants

Lying down, disappointing pants


■ Special Appendix Archive

Various expressions that pants show

Cotton bread 360 degrees

Satin 360 degrees

Low rise 360 ​​degrees

Ultra Low Rise 360 ​​degrees

Ultra low rise overview 360 degrees

Ultra low rise bird’s-eye view (It’s a little low back) 360 degrees

■ Clothes brand PredatorRat has

There are lots of cheap low-rise pants!

■ Encore Archive: T Back + Garter

■ The number of stitches as many as Tokimeki Archive: Satin Pants + Amitays

About the author

Saito Nao

Freelance through the game company, design company after the beauty dropout. Mainly with graphic design, art direction and photography. Organized an exhibition of its own project regularly, such as coterie activity [LEWOGRAPHICS] president, cosplay photo exhibition “CTY", mobilized 20,000 people “panchira 2015". In 2016 Shinchosha “Art Shincho July issue" featured a photo featured as a photographer representing the 2010s and a special feature trial.

Pants specialty pose collection Because love pants, want to draw a large urgent pants! Monograph- 2018/4/7: Product detail

Monograph: 207 pages

Publisher: Genko (April 7, 2018)

Language: Japanese

ISBN-10: 4768309054

ISBN-13: 978-4768309056

Release date: 2018/4/7

Packing size: 29.6 x 22.4 x 1.6 cm

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