Nogizaka46- Let’s self-centered! (TYPE-A) (with DVD) Single, CD + DVD



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Nogizaka46- Let’s self-centered! (TYPE-A) (with DVD) Single, CD + DVD

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Nogizaka 46 21st single!
Nogizaka 46, the second single in 2018 is complete!

“Nogizaka 46 6th Year Birthday LIVE" unheard of anniversary live performed at two venues, Meiji Jingu Baseball Stadium and Chichibu Palace Rugby Field,

And “Nationwide National Tour" and Nogizaka 46 that is expected to be further active in this summer 46.

This work also carries out a nationwide handshake meeting / enclosure entry policy.


Common Enclosed Benefit * Enclosed in the initial specification only

(1) Enclose 1 “nationwide event participation ticket or special present ticket"

(2) Nogizaka 46 Member Raw Photo 1 member (39 members × 4 types = 1 out of 156 types randomly included)

※ As soon as stock of the initial specification runs out, it switches to normal specifications.

M1: “Let’s go with Gikotie!" (21st Single Selected Member)

M2: “Sky door"

(Akimoto Midsummer – Ikuta Eihana Flower – Inoue Sayuri – Iwamoto Ransuke – Umezawa Miyonagi – Uezawa Mika – Eito Mai, Okonomomoko, Saito Yuuri

Mai Shiraishi, Masayo Shinkai, Ayune Suzuki, Kazumi Takayama, Nanase Nishino, Minami Hoshino

Matsumura Sayami, Yamashita Mitsuki, Yoda Yuki)

※ Theatrical version “The Seven Great Melodies" Theme Song

M3: “Triangular open space" (21st single under member)

M4: “Let’s go with Jiko chi!" ~ Off vocal ver. ~

M5: “Sky Door" ~ off vocal ver. ~

M6: “Triangular open space" ~ off vocal ver. ~

★ Bonus DVD

“Let’s go with Jikochu!" Music Video

“Triangular free space" Music Video

※ Other, bonus footage available (Details will be announced later.)

Registration information

CD (2018/8/8)

Number of disks: 2

Format: Single, CD + DVD (DVD Region:2) For notes on region code, please click here.

Label: SMR

Duration: 25 minutes


JAN: 4547366369465

Other editions: CD

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Track Listings

Disk: 1

1. Let’s go with Jikochu!

2. Sky door

3. Triangle vacant land

4. Let’s go with Jikochu! ~ Off vocal ver. ~

5. Sky Doors ~ off vocal ver. ~

6. Triangular open space ~ off vocal ver. ~

Disk: 2

1. Let’s go with Gikotie! (Music Video)

2. Triangular open space (Music Video) (※ other, benefits video available)

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