My Tsukamoto- First photo book “My Puni”Large book – 2018/8/18

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My Tsukamoto- First photo book “My Puni"Large book – 2018/8/18


A little geeky delusion Eros. “Mai Pu" This is the first photo album packed with Mi  Tsukamoto’s fascination “A girl who experiments to make your body sexy. All meat in Maiko is a weapon. Yamako Omori (From the band comment)" H Cup Bust With “Punikawa body" weapons gravure, variety, music activities and multi-activities, not only men, but also female fans called “girls with muffu" are also increasing rapidly “Mippu" that “Tsukamoto Mai" First photo book appeared! Tsukamoto Mai himself sticks to the cloth area of ​​underwear from costumes and situations, tights’ transparent through themes, with the theme of “Delusive Eros, loved by both men and women", a magical photographer “Suzaki Yuji" Achieved the best photo book taken by. Furthermore, popular creator “Toshiaki " also participates in art and styling, and it is contents which can fully enjoy all facial expressions, carnivorousness and sexyness of “Mai Pu".

Comment from publisher

Girls experimenting

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Large book: 96 pages

Publisher: Clearstone (2018/8/18)

Language: Japanese

ISBN-10: 4907301936

ISBN-13: 978-4907301934

Release date: 2018/8/18

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