Morning Musume. ’19 Makino Mayoria Photo album “María 18 años” large book – 2019/2 / 2

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Morning Musume. ’19 Makino Mayoria Photo album “María 18 años" large book – 2019/2 / 2

Morning Musume who decorated the cover of many magazines this year. ’18 · Makino Mari Ai.

On her 18th birthday, February 2, 2019 released the latest photo album!

This work daring for the pearl of the Caribbean Sea, Tropical Cuba Location.

A pale blue Caribbean Sea and a beautiful beach, the cityscape trying to change. On the other hand, it is like a nostalgic landscape as if the era has stopped, cheerful people in Latin America …… Cuba is excited just by being in that place, feeling momentum no matter where you cut it.

The space between adults and girls showed it there ….

A lot of plenty sneezes, laughter, sometimes a straight line of sight is directed, and the pure expression of a girl without a lie shows its presence not to beat the power of Cuba.

Also speaking of Cuba is baseball. Her baseball love also crosses the ocean and jumps into the local youth baseball team.

Scenes that will practice defense with future Major Leaguers, a must-see with children!

Pose number of costumes is also the largest ever in the past, dressing costumes of about 20 poses including ballet and course clothes, and for her who graduates from high school in March, it will be the last work of high school life, so the final uniform is also included It is done.

Makino Maki Ai Ah, showing the whole volume with 160 pages of large volume.

Please feel “Maria" that I have not seen yet. (With making-of DVD)

Morning Musume. ’19 Makino Mayoria Photo album  “María 18 años" large book – 2019/2 / 2: Product detail

A large book

Publisher: Wanibooks (2019 February)

Language: Japanese

ISBN-10: 4847081919

ISBN-13: 978-4847081910

Release date: 2019/2/2

Packing size: 29.6 x 21 x 1.8 cm

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