Michael Schenker On A Mission – Live in Madrid (Live CD) Blu-spec CD

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Michael Schenker is a Hard Rock guitarist from Germany.
The guitar mostly used favorably starts “guitar” under the influence of his brother Rudolf Schenker “Flying V”.In 1973 joined the hard rock band “UFO”.


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Including extraordinarily the performance of the masterpiece that fascinated the fans everywhere!
Michael Schenker On A Mission – Live in Madrid (Live CD) Blu-spec CD

Michael Schenkers · Temple of Rock latest live release released!

After a long time I will release a new radiance again, the god Michael Schenker led by Temple of Rock
2015 Spain is the latest two-piece live album that recorded performances in Madrid!
Staging of incandescence that makes you feel abundantly in the band’s chemistry that was demonstrated even in the performance in Japan
The best live album that followed the history of Michael Schenker!

■ Japanese version only Blu-spec CD specification

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A two-piece live album featuring live patterns by Michael Schenkers Temple of Rock in November 2015 in Madrid, Spain. Members include Michael Schenker (G), Duggy · White (Vo), Former Scorpions’ Slangis · Buchholz (B), Herman · La Level (Ds), and Wayne Finleyley (Key, Vo). Best of the best content that followed Michael Schenker’s past trajectory to scorpions, UFOs, MSG as well as songs from band albums.

Item Details: Michael Schenker On A Mission – Live in Madrid (Live CD) Blu-spec CD

CD (2013/2/27)
Number of disks: 1
Format: Live
Label: King Records
Recording time: 122 minutes
JAN: 4988003432867

Track Listings
Disk: 1
1. Ocean Odyssey – Intro Ocean Odyssey ~ Intro
2. Doctor Doctor Doctor / Doctor
3. Live And Let Live Live And Let Rive
4. Lights Out Rights Out
5. Where The Wild Winds Blow HOWARE THE WILD WINDS BROW
6. Natural Thing Natural Thing
7. Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead Before The Devil Knows Your Dead
8. Victim Of Illusion Victim of Illusion
9. Lovedrive Love Drive
10. Coast To Coast Coast to Coast
11. Vigilante Man Vicilante Man
12. Rock My Nights Away Rock My Nights Away

Disk: 2
1. Saviour Machine Savia Machine
2. Too Hot To Handle To Hot To Handle
3. Only You Can Rock Me Only You Can Rock Me
4. Lord Of The Lost and Lonely Lord of the Lost and Lonely
5. Rock You Like A Hurricane Rock You Like A Hurricane
6. Rock Bottom Rock · Bodom
7. Horizons Horizons
8. Attack Of The Mad Axeman Attack Of The Mad Axuman
9. Communion Communion
10. Blackout Blackout[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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