Michael Schenker – In the Midst of Beauty – Japan Blu-SpecCD

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Michael Schenker is a Hard Rock guitarist from Germany.
The guitar mostly used favorably starts “guitar” under the influence of his brother Rudolf Schenker “Flying V”.In 1973 joined the hard rock band “UFO”.


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“God” Michael Schenker recalls MSG’s first vocalist Gary Burden again and is the 15th work studio album in the name of MSG who measured the recurrence as a Michael Schenker group. In the Mid-est of Beauty

[Item No .: KICP 1862]

Reunited with ally friends and created, “Concert work showing the true value of God”!

“God” Michael Schenker <G> has formed a tag with Gary Burden <Vo>
Golden combination of “Schenker & Baden” finally resurrected! Friends under the name of “MSG”
The gathering, the studio album of the whole body completed by restarting!
(Original release 2008)

◆ Japan celebration board
◆ Japanese Edition only Blu-SpecCD specification

01. City Lights
City · rights
02. Competition
03. I Want You
I · Want You
04. End Of The Line
End Of The Line
05. Summerdays
Summer days
06. Night To Remember
Night to Remember
07. Wings Of Emotion
Wings of Emotion
08. Come Closer
Cam closer
09. The Cross Of Crosses
The Cross of Crosses
10. Na Na
11. I Am The One
I Am the One
12. Ride On My Way
Ride On My Way

All music written by Schenker & Barden
Produced by Michael Schenker, Romi Schiekle and Siggi Schwarz

Michael Schenker <G>
Gary Barden <Vo>
Don Ailey <Key, B3>
Neil Murray
Simon Phillips Simon Phillips <Ds>

Item Details: Michael Schenker In the Mid-est of Beauty

CD (2017/10/11)
Number of disks: 1
Label: King Records
Recording time: 50 minutes
JAN: 4988003509286

Track Listings
Disk: 1
Play: City · Lights 1. City · Lights
Play: Competition 2. Competition
Play: I Want You 3. I Want You
Play: End Of The Line 4. End Of The Line
Play: Summer Days 5. Summer Days
Play: A Night To Remember 6. A Night To Remember
Play: Wings of Emotion 7. Wings of Emotion
Play: Cam closer 8. Cam closer
Play: The Cross of Crosses 9. The Cross of Crosses
Played: Nana 10. Nana
Play: I Am the One 11. I Am the One
Play: Ride On My Way 12. Ride On My Way[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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