LIVIDE- Julian Morley: 2011 France [Blu-ray]



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LIVIDE- Julian Morley [Blu-ray]

Sorrow puppet girl, wake up –

The shock of “Yashiki woman" was only an introduction –

An unexperienced “live" shock that ripples the darkness of jet black!

Julian Morley & Alexandre Bastillo attracting worldwide attention as “Yashiki woman" featured a remake of “Hellriser" remake and Halloween Ⅱ such as “Hollywood Ⅱ" even though he refused planning!

Julian Morley & Alexandre Bastillo, director of “Yoshikiki woman" who photographed horrible abnormal experiences hitting young pregnant women with tremendous violence depiction and shook the world. In my debut work, they became the flags of Neo · French Horror and they chose the theme of the new work is the cursed myth of “blood-hungry variants". Creating new type horror with elegant and noble fragrance using vivid visual beauty and innovative imagination, unexpected development and cruel effect colored with crimson blood. Starring is the young attention share of French film world expectation Chloe · Kouru. It is also one of the topics that Beatrice Dal, a monster of “Yashiki women" appear as a surprising character, arranging genius Butoh dancers Marie Claude Pietragala and veteran actress Catherine Jacob aside as Paris · Opera. A terrifying masterpiece engraving a new page in the history of horror movies.

Late autumn – A small port town with a quiet Halloween day. Lucy, whose heart hurts her mother’s suicide, started a new work to escape the gloomy memory. It is a visiting nursing care helper who takes care of the people around the former elderly people. As we go around the leader Mrs. Wilson and the user’s house, the car passes through the countryside and reaches the big fur houses. There used to be a mansion of Jesse, an old lady named as a strict ballet teacher. She got a coma before her only daughter Anna, and now she sleeps like a dead man in her bedroom. Lucy is overwhelmed in the mansion ruled by solitude and silence, in the darkness who is just waiting to decay with the Lord. After completing the first day of training and joining Will of BF who is a fisherman, Lucy talks about the legend of Jessel House while healing tired at the bar. She was an asset and hid secret treasure somewhere in the house. Bad wrong Will invites bad guy Ben and gives Luthy a robbery plan. Although I was reluctant at the beginning, I knew that my father wanted to live with my lover, decided to participate in the crime. If you have a lot of money, you can start a new life that is far and far away freely. When the evening went up, the three who stepped into Jesell ‘s house discovered only one stuck closed and unopened. When I got the key and pushed into the room, Anna, who should have died, wrapped himself in a pure white ballet outfit and stood like a beautiful doll. A sad melody sounds in the dark night and Ana who starts to rotate to slowly dance. The forbidden door was opened. The feast of a scourge of unexpected scourge was about to begin in the mansion converted into a demonic world of different dimensions.

LIVIDE- Julian Morley [Blu-ray] Product infomation

Cast: Chloe Crew, Felix Moati

Director: Julian Morley, Alexandre Bastillo

Region code: Region A (For details, see here DVD / Blu-ray specification.)

Number of disks: 1

Distributor: King record

Release date 2018/08/08

Time: 92 minutes

JAN: 4988003851781

Screen size: CINESCO size = 16: 9

Color: Color

Language: French (original language) / secondary voice (voice commentary language)

Audio method: Dolby TrueHD 5.1 ch surround (original audio method) / Dolby True HD stereo (audio commentary audio method)

Subtitle Language: Japanese subtitles

Country of creation: France

Production year: 2011


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