Kotomi Asakura- Violating man: Japanese Video Chinema



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Kotomi Asakura- Violating man: Japanese Video Chinema

I wanted to save people for the first time …
August 22, 2015-Theater release at Theater Shinjuku!

★ Pink movie, a new challenge in the 53rd year!
Pink movies are “movies”! Director Yojiro Takida of Okuribito, who won the Academy Award for Foreign Language Film, and Kiyoshi Kurosawa, who won the director award at the Cannes Film Festival this year, are also from pink films. Pink movies are still full of such gemstones! This is a project born of the desire to convey the appeal of R18 + pink movies, which can only be seen by those over the age of 18, to more people. One project was created in two versions, R18 + and R15 +, and the traditional R18 + is an adult theater, a project born of the desire to reach more people. One project was produced in two versions, R18 + and R15 +, and the conventional R18 + was an adult theater, and the R15 +, which had a compact drama and a more drama part, was released at the general theater as the “OP PICTURES +” series. This work is the R15 + version, and it can be said to be a memorable work that marks the start of a new challenge for pink movies!

★ First appearance in the movie! Kotomi Asakura & Ayane Suzukawa

Playing the heroine Yuriko who meets Yoshii while enduring her husband’s intense DV and plays a strange fate is playing an active part in V cinema, image video, TV variety, radio, Internet broadcasting etc.・ Idol Asakura Kotomi. In the play, he plays almost without make-up. Yuriko’s friend Mari is played by Ayane Suzukawa, who was active as a sexy idol and singer in the idol group Asterisk *. In the play, he shows his native Hakata dialect. The main character, Yoshii Kawai, plays Yoshii, who is active in various fields such as TV, stage, and many other films, such as “Sayonara Kabukicho” and “Rolling”. One of the best buy players in the Japanese cinema world, where the most fat is on now. Takahiro Nomura who plays Takao, a DV husband who binds his wife Yuriko to an extraordinary level, plays an active part in a variety of areas, mainly on the stage, belonging to the theater company group. Forbidden love begins now …!

★ Deformed love drawn by director Daisuke Yamauchi
Directed many V-Cinema Pink movies and selected the Pink Film Academy Awards and Pink Awards by fan voting in 2011, “Adventures of Sadako Irosaki Sadako, My Sexual Lovers …”, 2014, “Love Crazy for Desire” Beasts] won the work award. The latest work by Daisuke Yamauchi, who has enthusiastic fans with overwhelming screen composition and unique story development that is unrivaled. The dark world of creatures created using special shaping and bluish tones stuck throughout the whole world will grab the viewer’s heart!

Contents (from “Kinema Junposha” database)
Erotic suspense by co-starring sexy idol Kotomi Asakura and Ayane Suzukawa. Yoshii, who is pushing and robbing a woman who has been molested on a train, meets Yuriko who lives with her husband’s DV. They are attracted to fill each other’s shortfalls.

Starring: Kotomi Asakura, Ayane Suzukawa, Ryoko Asamiya, Yuria Seto, Yota Kawase
Director: Daisuke Yamauchi
Format: Color
Language: Japanese
Region Code: Region 2
Number of discs: 1
Publisher: Odessa Entertainment
Sales Date 2016/08/02
Time: 70 minutes
JAN: 4571431212608

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