Kotomi Asakura- A woman like me: Japanese Video Chinema



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Kotomi Asakura- A woman like me: Japanese Video Chinema

The 19th edition of the long-awaited DVD of the new label “OP PICTURES +” of Okura movie!

Whether you wake up or wake up, your body is entangled …
My beloved wife is murdered by the devil!
Drowning in the illusionary body, at the end of a forbidden sex dream …

This is an eros drama depicting a man wandering between dreams and reality, with a woman involved subsequently overlapping a deceased wife after her beloved wife was murdered by a demon. The starring actor is Kota Akira, who won the Japanese Film Professional Award for Best Actor in the “ Missing Man ”, and Kotomi Asakura who won the 28th Pink Awards for Best Actress and New Actress in the same work with Kawase. Plays the hero couple. Directed by Daisuke Yamauchi, who has been spotlighted for his highly acclaimed works, such as the “Yaoh Birth” series, “Kabukicho Black Swan”, and “The Violating Man”. In addition, you can not miss the co-starring of Suzukawa Ayane, Mizuna Rei, and a popular sexy actress.

Truck driver Yoshikawa (Yota Kawase) married a woman named Yuriko (Kotomi Asakura) at the recommendation of the president. It was Yoshikawa’s happy honeymoon, but she realized that Yuriko was the president’s mistress and that the relationship was still going on. One day, Yuriko, his wife, was killed by a passerby at a movie theater that came to restore relations. After that, Yoshikawa began to see all women involved with her as wife. In frustration, Yakuza Takahashi introduces Yayoi (Mizuna Rei), and she overlaps with Yuriko’s figure and regains calmness. However, Yayoi suddenly disappears one day before Yoshikawa. After that, Yoshikawa, who caused an injury and was sentenced to work, was introduced to Takahashi by the president of an industrial wasteman, but his wife Mizuki (Ayane Suzukawa) doubled in the form of Yuriko.

Kotomi Asakura, Ayane Ryokawa, Rei Mizuna, Yota Kawase, Yasushi Takemoto, Shishio Takeshi, Morozora Morira, Taizo Mitsuda Wada, Riko Matsui, Noriko Fujioka, Miho Nakano, Miho Nakano, Yoshinori Numamoto SHU Corps

Eirin R15 + works

Release: Okura Film Co., Ltd.
Contents (from “Kinema Junposha” database)
A sensual drama depicting a man passing through his wife and being slaughtered by a demon wandering between dreams and reality. Truck driver Yoshikawa married a woman named Yuriko at the recommendation of the president. However, one day, Yuriko is killed by a passerby. Since then, Yoshikawa has been involved in all of the women involved with his dead wife.

Starring: Kotomi Asakura, Ayane Suzukawa, Rei Mizuna, Yota Kawase, Yasushi Takemoto
Director: Daisuke Yamauchi
Format: Color, Dolby, Widescreen
Language: Japanese
Region Code: Region 2
Screen Size: 1.78: 1
Number of discs: 1
Publisher: Video Maker
Sales Date 2018/07/03
Time: 70 minutes
JAN: 4571364922452

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