Kirara Asuka- Iron Girl ULTIMATE WEAPON: Japanese Action Suspense Movie



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Kirara Asuka- Iron Girl ULTIMATE WEAPON: Japanese Action Suspense Movie

The second sexy action movie starring Kirara Asuka. near future. A certain country that has become a lawless zone. Chris, a female bounty hunter in an armored suit, is fighting lonely to regain her lost memories.

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The most beautiful and strongest sexy battle heroine. Take the world again!

In 2012, Ginza Cinepatos released a sexy action movie “Iron Girl” starring Kirara Asuka, which set a new record for the number of spectators on the first day of the theater. Since then, it has been released in various places, and has been well received not only in Japan but also overseas (Hong Kong, Thailand, the United States, etc.). Two years since then. The heroine Chris’s character remains the same, and the world view is boldly renewed. Relaunch as the more powerful “Iron Girl ULTIMATE WEAPON”! Attention is a variety of action descriptions in armored suits with unknown potential. What’s new about the new fighting abilities that the “Iron Girl” is fascinating? And keep an eye on mysterious stories that approach many of the mysteries surrounding her.
Starring, of course, Kirara Asuka. Not only the outstanding beauty and proportions, but also the boldly challenging action will attract fans again. In addition, the co-stars include Hiroaki Iwanaga, who has gained popularity in the role of Masked Rider Bath = Akira Date in “ Kamen Rider OOO / OOO ”, Asuka Kishi, gravure idol, Ryunosuke Kawai, Asami etc. In addition, Yuri Morishita also participates in a special appearance.
Kenichi Fujiwara, who wrote and directed the script of Yasutoshi Murakawa in the movie “Onechanbara THE MOVIE” and others, such as “Female Prisoner No. 701 Sasori Gaiden”. In addition, Takanori Shibahara, who has been highly acclaimed for his recent work “In the Hero”, has been in charge of action director since the previous work. The most beautiful and strongest sexy battle heroine will take over the world again!!

near future. A certain country that has become a lawless zone.
People were frightened by rampaging robbers, but there were also bounty hunters who lived on robbery.
A beautiful woman who is said to be the strongest among them.
Wear armored suits with incredible power and beat down the outlaws.
People called her an “iron girl.”
Chris, the “Iron Girl” (Kirara Asuka), had no other memories except his name.
Who are you, where did you come from, and where did you go?
Her lonely fight continued to recall her memories.
What is her identity?
Torn by the “truth” that began to appear and the “love” that was lost,
The goddess of steel struggles …!

Starring: Kirara Asuka, Asuka Kishi, Yuri Morishita, Asami
Director: Kenichi Fujiwara
Format: Dolby, Widescreen
Language: Japanese
Region Code: Region 2
Screen Size: 1.78: 1
Number of discs: 1
Publisher: All In Entertainment Inc.
Sales Date 2018/11/25
Time: 84 minutes
JAN: 4571211634125

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