Kirara Asuka- Iron Girl FINAL WARS: Japanese Action Suspense Movie



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Kirara Asuka- Iron Girl FINAL WARS: Japanese Action Suspense Movie

What is that identity? What is the secret hidden in the lost memory? The secret mystery is revealed! The true identity of the girl I met? The final story of the Iron Girl series, Iron Girl FINAL WARS. With the new characters including Saki Akai, Jun Amaki and Takaya Aoyagi, the biggest battle in the history of the series will take place.

The final story of the “Iron Girl” series starring Kirara Asuka
“Iron Girl FINAL WARS” is finally completed.
This work was the first work in 2012, the second work in 2014,
Not only in Japan but also in Korea, the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and other countries
The long-awaited third work is to be produced.
Saki Akai, a popular female professional wrestler among the strongest rivals as a new character,
Popular gravure idol Jun Amaki, Takaya Aoyagi of “Ultraman Orb”
The biggest battle in the history of the series will be unfolded.

This work is a sexy and scaled up version of the previous series.
A nonstop story that evolves at a dizzying pace, a brilliant action,
Please look forward to the ultimate battle movie “Iron Girl FINAL WARS”.

At the time of 20XX, cyborgs were blending into Japan everyday.
Humans have developed artificial intelligence JUDA (Judas) to protect the earth.
Just as it seemed, JUDA was starting to attack humans.
The reason was that humans tried to launch a nuclear war.
Nuclear war drives the earth to ruin. The person who plans it is the enemy of the earth.
JUDA considered it. This battle between humans and cyborgs has driven Japan to a devastating situation.
The military company “4th Diamond” spotted it and embarked on the development of “weapons of mass destruction” in order to increase its own profits.
The secret weapon is being robbed by the terrorist organization “Alkaloid” just before completion.
When it is completed, it will detect the danger of falling into a final war with the Allied Forces,
The vigilante “resistance” has started.
Meanwhile, Iron Girl, Chris Saotome (Kirara Asuka), who had been fighting to regain her memories,
I was bothered by the strange voice of a girl seeking help.
One day, Chris who met with resistance member Katsuragi Joe (Toshiya Aoyagi) in the battle with Sid,
First, get to the Resistance Headquarters.
On the other hand, Diana (Saki Akai), who became the strongest cyborg, was aiming for Chris’s life as an alkaloid minion.
As the resistance and alkaloid battles continue, Chris meets a fateful encounter.
The opponent is the mysterious girl Sara. Sarah was the main voice in Chris’s mind.
Such two people are close together in mystery….
However, that Sara was the SARA (Jun Amaki), a “weapon of mass destruction”.

Asuka Kirara
Saki Akai Takaya Aoyagi Jun Junki
Ryuza Keisuke Asami Takashi Nishina Hayate Chiei Hiratsuka Junichi Haruta
Hiromitsu Koiwa Maeda Kei Asuka Kanie Haruka Shimada Shijimi Ken Kurahara Kotone Nakajima Ryozo Mori

Director: Kenichi Fujiwara
Screenplay: Yasutoshi Murakawa
Action director: Takanori Shibahara
Theme song: Kirara Asuka “ Hikari ”
Producer: Katsunori Motonobu, Kenki Ichiki, Yoshiaki Okamoto
Photography and lighting: Tetsuro Imai
Recording: Tsutomu Yamaguchi
Art: Chris Ryo Kaihara
Costume design: Jun @ 1
Costume: Kyoka Sugimoto / Hair / Makeup: Yuki Sato
Gun Effect: Hirotada Ashino / Music: Ippei Yogo / Editor: Rui Ishii / Assistant Director: Daisaku Tomita
Steel: Kyoko Nakai / Associate Producer: Konomi Sasaki

Production Production: Union Movie
Production cooperation: ANGLE
Action cooperation: Office Wild
Distribution and publicity: Shibuya Production
“ IRON GIRL FW ” Production Committee (Union Movie, Clay, All-In Entertainment, Plastes, Wako)
© 2019 “ IRON GIRL FW ” Production Committee

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Publisher: “ IRON GIRL FW ” Production Committee
Publisher: All-in Entertainment

Starring: Kirara Asuka, Saki Akai, Takaya Aoyagi, Jun Amagi, Ryuza
Director: Kenichi Fujiwara
Format: Dolby, Widescreen
Language: Japanese
Region Code: Region 2
Screen Size: 1.78: 1
Number of discs: 1
Publisher: All In Entertainment Inc.
Sales Date 2019/05/25
Time: 90 minutes
JAN: 4571211634781

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