Jeepers Creepers II- Victor Salva: Blu-Ray


Continuation of Francis F. Coppola Producer General “Jeper’s Creeper”. Tagato, whose son is suddenly exposed to a monster and burned with revenge, chases after the cryptic creature that appears every 23 years. “View this before you die! 2018 King Movie 220 episodes!”

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Jeepers Creepers II- Victor Salva: Blu-Ray

I’ll eat it.

Run away, run away, food! The main dish is human fear

Major directed Francis Ford Coppola Producer

The second series of urban legendary horror! First Blu – ray!

The flying monster “Creeper" reappears once in 23 years! Reigning! Rampage! Major Urban Legend Horror 2nd Generation by Francis Ford Coppola Producer. Horror · Entertainment work which flying the people with the action creativity further increased the flight monster “Creeper" which rampaged in the previous work that is released nationwide and first appearance No. 1 won! It is a masterpiece director of Francis Ford Coppola Production Production, the same as the previous work “Jeper’s Creeper", directed by Victor Salva, and a masterpiece with a high rating with more than the previous work.

A monster attacks a school bus carrying a high school basketball player. It came out once every 23 years and was a monster with wings that eats people! “CREEPER"! Will it survive !? Human hunting for a monster begins!

Jeepers Creepers II Victor Salva: Product infomation

Cast: Ray Wise, Jonathan Breck

Director: Victor Salva
Langugae: English, Japanaese

Region code: Region A (For details, see here DVD / Blu-ray specification.)

Number of disks: 1

Distributor: King record

Release date 2018/08/08

Time: 102 minutes

JAN: 4988003851651

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