GET OUT- Jordan Peele: Blu-ray+DVD set



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GET OUT- Jordan Peele: Blu-ray+DVD set

Producer of a hit, Jason Blum making

First appearance in the US No.1!

A high rating of the US movie review site 99%!

Surprise thriller overturning the common sense of movies!

I can not stop talking about this experience –

■ A super national super hit thriller who blew out 175 million dollars (about 20 billion yen) in extraordinary acclaim while producing 5 million dollars in production cost!

Despite its low budget, it recorded the No. 1 hit in the first appearance in the United States, surprise thriller, which overwhelms the common sense of movies, which was critically acclaimed at the American movie review site despite his directorial debut, finally made Blu-ray & DVD .

In Japan, it is a big hit to bring in audiences with high sensitivity not only to movie fans but also to high-sensitivity information entertainment revenue of 130 million yen while theatrical release with a strong city center of more than 30 venues!

Box Office Mojo’s successive R designation (G in Japan) In the ranking of horror, it divides among resident super-famous titles and entrusts third prize thoroughly!

■ Premonition of the prize race in the nation premonition! Super eyeball title of this season!

Received New Director’s Prize etc. at the Gotham Independent Film Awards and the National Board of Review Awards of the Oscar that occupy the position of the Academy Awards!

In the Golden Globe Awards, he was nominated for a work award (musical / comedy department) and a leading actor award (Daniel · Kalya, musical · comedy section).

Also, in EMPIRE magazine’s “Best 10 Films of the Year", I managed to get the best place by suppressing “Blade Runner 2049" and “La La Land"

It is being selected as the top ten movies of the American Film Institute (AFI) this year, and it is demonstrating the evaluation height one after another!

■ Inadequate “disgusting feeling" turns into “exalted feeling", now the most new and addictive one!

Deployment of shock that I want to talk to someone without thinking!

Jason Blum and a different newcomer Jordan Peel.

A global hit maker and a very popular comedian created a terrible fear and no one can imagine “ending".

Even though something is caught, the last is guided by the satisfaction of the ballistic sense.

There is a rumor that this work, which changed the ending in response to the results of last year’s presidential election.

“Another ending" is prepared for the benefit, and the contents become clear!


Christian African American photographer living in New York is invited to the parents’ house of Caucasian Rose in one weekend.

Despite some anxiety, despite getting over welcome, I feel strange incongruity that there are black servants.

That night, Chris who witnessed a manager who ran away in the garden at a speedful speed and witnessed a housekeeper staring at herself on the window glass, shaking up.

The next day, many friends gather at the party to honor the deceased Rose’s grandfather, but why are whites disappearing only by whites.

Under such circumstances, if you discover some old-fashioned black youth and you take photos with yourself without thinking,

At the moment the flash is burned, he suddenly changes from suddenly shedding blood through his nose and attacks “Go out!"

Chris who felt as “something is wrong", let’s get out of parents’ house with Rose ….


Chris Washington: Daniel Kalya (“Kick Ass / Justice Forever", “Border Line", “Black Panther")

Rose Armitage: Allison Williams (“GIRLS / Girls")

Dean Armitage: Bradley Whitford (“The White House")

Jeremy Armitage: Keireb Laundry Jones (“No Country", “Last Exorcism", “X-Men: First Generation", “Man With a Barry Seal America")

Missy Armitage: Catherine Keener (‘Yearnday in the evening …’, ‘Hole in Markovic’, ’40-year old virgin’, ‘Capote’)


■ Director · Screenplay · Production: Jordan · Peel (“Get Out" directed by his director)

■ Production: Jason Blum (“Paranormal · Activity" series, “In Seedias" series, “Purge" series, “Session", “Vidget", “Split")



· Another ending (Director / Screenplay Jordan · Peel with audio commentary)

· Undisclosed scene (Director / Screenplay Jordan · Peel with voice commentary) [Rose / Rutherford starring scene long version / Badminton / sunken place deer / Latoya detective long version / Rod arrival 1 Arrival of sex / arrival of rod 2 Do not give up love / Arrival of rods 3 Caucasian female / Rod arrival 4 Single cousin / Rod arrival 5 Toilet / Rod arrival 6 Rose support]

· The essence of fear of “get out"

· Q & A by Jordan · Peel and Cast

· Director / Screenplay Journal · Peale’s main volume audio commentary

■ Production: 2017 USA

GET OUT- Jordan Peele: Blu-ray+DVD set Product infomation

Cast: Daniel Karuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford, Keireb Laundry Jones, Catherine Keener

Director: Jordan Peele

Format: Color, Dolby, DTS Stereo, Widescreen

Language: English, Japanese

Subtitle: English, Japanese

Region code: Region free (all over the world)

Screen size: 1.78: 1

Number of disks: 2

Distributor: NBC Universal · Entertainment Japan

Release date 2018/04/11

Time: 104 minutes

JAN: 4988102634698

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