Erina Mano- Photo Album [ERINA]Large book – March 8, 2018

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Erina Mano- Photo Album [ERINA]Large book – March 8, 2018

Actress · Erina Mano, To Memories of London.

Currently, Actress Erina Mano releases the latest photo album, which acts numerously in dramas, movies, commercials, etc.

In this work herself selected the location in the UK in the location.

Hello! Country that I traveled alone for the first time when I graduated from the project and started to advance to a new way as an actress.

The idyllic landscape and the historical building mix together, the city where tradition and art are born. It is said that she decided to live as such an actress in such a land.

At the age of 26, with the theme of [Origin regression], I headed to the UK with a new feeling, and in the same place I walked at that time, I gave my best Erina Mano as an artist. Please feel her now that she grew up with a number of fascinating cuts.

Erina Mano- Photo Album [ERINA]Large book – March 8, 2018

A large book

Publisher: Wanibooks (March 8, 2018)

Language: Japanese

ISBN-10: 4847049934

ISBN-13: 978-4847049934

Release date: 2018/3/6

Packing size: 30.2 x 21.6 x 1.4 cm

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