Educational Practice Training for 2 New Teacher Teachers 7 DVD Set ACC-122[DVD]



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Educational Practice Training for 2 New Teacher Teachers 7 DVD Set ACC-122

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Because it is not forgiven, it burns. Because it is forbidden, we ask each other. It is a forbidden extracurricular lesson.

Language is Japanese only, No English subtitle.

1. Immature course guidance
78 minutes + image benefits 22 minutes color 2014
Director: Kensuke Hanyu
Cast: Fukagawa Iori Nakata Akira Otsuka

The last summer vacation in high school life, the current course can not be decided Tomizaki Takizawa and his friend, to receive supplementation
I was gathering in the classroom. Izumi Natsuko who appeared newly there appears. Serve duty indiscriminately
There was a past in Natsuko who had to keep a distance in relation to the students. Meanwhile Ming is a classmate
In order to save Matsuyama Shiho from rape, it caused a case of violence and received a disposition of a retirement from the chief teacher … ….

2. Love in the art room
72 minutes Color 1996
Director: Hisaaki Nagaoka
Cast: Qin Yi Kei Yoshioka Chihiro Aoi Omura

Yuko Murakami who came as a new teacher of art. Her teacher’s student, Tatsuya Nagase, a classmate
While there was a lover called Miki, there was a sexual relationship besides her. Although Miki and prostitution were done,
Tatsuya only loved me from the bottom of my heart. One day Tatsuya took overnight in a Yuko’s room from suddenly
spend. Fierce sex with Yuuko gave peace of mind to Tatsuya’s heart … ….

3. Deprived bond
75 minutes color 2002
Director: Yukio Kitazawa
Cast: Shizuka Matsumoto Isao Kana Nao Seto

Toda Oda is a new teacher who is stupid from students. Students in the class she is in charge of,
Tsugawa Manabu ran away from her father, sexual abuse, to Tomie ‘s room. I protected her.
Although it was Tomie, the values ​​of the two people were too large. One night, having sex with a male friend
Tomie who saw the reasoning sand finally gets caught. And Risa who knew the partner of Tomie’s affair … ….

4. Crazy Fruit
70 minutes Color 1999
Director: Shirozawa Tablet
Cast: Morino Izumi Honda Shoko Arai Madoka

New graduate teacher just after graduating from education university, Suzuka Aso. As homeroom
She was motivated by student guidance in the class she received and advisor to the newspaper department. But,
That body that has stimulated the desires of boys’ students is being trapped in sex traps.
One day, the students raped, the scene was filmed in video, threatened with that tape
Her fate is falling … ….

5. Warmth of Nursing Room
75 minutes Color 2000
Director: Hanano
Cast: Mio Aizawa Yuka Takahashi Tokigo Okumoto

Hirakawa Tetsuya was a daily routine to go to the health department by sabotaging the classes, but one day there is a new appointment
Health teacher, Takano caught me. Beyond surprising Tetsuya, 眸 really seriously aware of his physical condition and heart is warm
Tetsuya becoming. Meanwhile, 眸 caught hands with yami gold and lived with Yukihiko who is pursued from debt collection.
Although there was no love already, 眸 was not able to separate from Hirohiko who made herself a woman … ….

6. Nasty rumors
70 minutes Color 1996
Director: Masayuki Naruse
Cast: Moe Ishikawa Ai Ayumi Takahashi Ayori

Yuki Shinano is doing biological lessons in a squatting classroom. She has an elite employee’s husband
He is a female teacher who has just transferred. Haruko of her colleague in the yuki who returned to the faculty room after finishing the class
Ask him to undertake advisors in the photo department. Yuki willingly to undertake. Such Yuki,
Senior teacher Tada tries to stare at it. Tada and Haruko continue their affair relations … ….

7. Teaching Practice Only for Two People
75 minutes color 2006
Director: Hideo Naoko
Cast: Saki Matsuura Freshwater Ohno Mitsuru

Ryo Itakura, an educational internship student, will be in charge of Horie’s homeroom teacher. First day Rie is enthusiastic
I give a greeting, but the reaction of the students is cold. Still, the student ‘s dragon has a favorable feeling for the faire. is there
Ayako said that there was consultation and called the foster to the science preparation room. So suddenly, I lost consciousness
Lee Mae. Someone was smelling chloroform. When you notice, the foster … ….

Registration information
Cast: Fukagawa Iori, Nakada Akira, Otsuka Ren, Qin Yi Kei, Yoshioka Chihiro
Directed by: Kensuke Hanyu, Hisaki Nagaoka, Yukio Kitazawa, Junzawa Tablet, Genko
Format: Color
Region code: Region 2 (This DVD may not be playable in other countries, please see here for DVD specifications.)
Number of discs: 7
Publisher: Cosmic Publishing Co., Ltd.
Release date 2018/03/19
Time: 537 minutes
JAN: 4959321953686

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