DON’T BREATHE- Fede Alvarez: DVD


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DON’T BREATHE- Fede Alvarez: DVD

If you want to escape from this house alive, do not breathe …

Amazing nationwide No. 2 consecutive No.1!

Shocking / Thriller of “Ultra Tension" Traded by “Death Spirit" Team


Teenager Rocky (Jane Levy) needed an escape funding to get away with her younger sister from her parents who had no living ability.

In such a case, from a lover Manny (Daniel Zovat), a friend of mine Alex (Dylan Minett) and a friend to a rumored old man’s home rumored to hide large amounts of money in the cellar can give me plans to enter into a robbery .

It was easy to sneak into there at midnight and get a lot of money from a lonely blind old man (Stephen Lang) ….

There is no eye in there, but an old man with a superhuman hearing that does not miss any “sound" ….

And it was who is unimaginable.

Bedroom, Kitchen, Attic, Closet, Bathroom … Wherever you escape, you hear “sound" at a tremendous speed.

They were extinguished from the lights in the house, conversely given handicaps and lost their way of escape, but somehow they could not find the old man and could reach the cellar.

What I saw there was a shocking sight too.

The scream of Rocky resonates …

Can they leave intact from here?


Rocky: Jane Levy (Mizuki Nana)

Alex: Dylan Minet (Kaji Yuki)

Money: Daniel Zovatt (Eguchi Takuya)

Blind old man: Steven Lang (Ikuya Sawaki)

(total of about 31 minutes)

● Speech commentary by Director Fede Alvarez and Cast & Staff

● House without escape place

● The man holding the darkness

● Backward dark characters

● Blind man’s house

● Sound ~ Fear home singing

● Undisclosed scene (with voice comment by Fede Alvarez’s director) (Total 8 types)

DON’T BREATHE DVD: Product infomation

Cast: Jane Levy, Dylan Minette, Daniel Zovatt, Steven Lang

Director: Fede Alvarez

Language: English, Japanese

Subtitle: Japanese, English

Region code: Region 2 (This DVD may not be playable in other countries, please see here for DVD specifications.)

Number of disks: 1

Selling agency: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Release date 2017/10/04

Time: 88 minutes

JAN: 4547462113726

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