David Bowie: BLACKSTAR / Japan CD


David Bowie is a singer-songwriter from England.
He is also a music producer and an actor. I will perform the first Japanese performance in 1973.


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Britain’s leading rock world’s most important artist David Bowie / BLACKSTAR

In 2013, that suddenly, everyone around the world was surprised by the unexpected resurrection, as a “scandal” of the music scene in a blink of an entire world, making it a new work in the past ten years and the maximum in lock history Three years have passed since “The Next Day” which became a comeback work of. New album “★” (reading: black star) will be released on Friday, January 8, 2016, which is his 69th birthday. What is the next art form (art form) created by David Bowie that continues to change with the times? The answer is here -.

Item Details: David Bowie / BLACKSTAR

CD (2016 / January 8)
Number of disks: 1
Label: SMJ
Duration: 41 minutes
JAN: 4547366257106

Song title:

[Disc 1]
“★” / CD
Artist: David Bowie
Song title:
1. ★ [9: 57]
2. Tizu A Pitty Sea Was A Hoa [4: 52]
3. Lazarus [6: 22]
4. Sue (Or in a season of climb) [4: 40]
5. Girl Loves Me [4: 51]
6. Dollar Days [4: 44]
7. I Can not Give Everything Away [5: 47][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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