Cat People- HD Remastered Edition – Paul Schrader [Blu-ray]

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Erotic horror that Nasutasha Kinski showed bold nude. A girl and arena of “Cat People” who inherits cursed blood which transforms into leopard when we love each other. She has a pleasant romance in her kind host owner who met in the zoo …

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Cat People- HD Remastered Edition – Paul Schrader [Blu-ray]

It is scheduled to arrive on October 9, 2018

【Initial Blu-ray / TV version Japanese dubbing audio first recorded (2 types) / first recorded bonus number!】

If you love you will kill you – a love of magic that opens in the dark night!

A classic movie classic “Cat People" is a remake Director Paul Schroeder remakes with modern sensibility.

Pull out the dazzling charm of an actress Nastassa · Kinsky shaking in girl’s pure heart and sexual instinct with fantastic image beauty.

The transformation scene where the white naked body starts and the leopard appears, the music of Giorgio Moroder and the theme song of David Bowie invite to the darkness of sensuous fascinating demonicity.

– HD remastering 1080p high image quality wide screen version!

– In addition to the DVD version of Japanese dubbing voice, two types of TV version (Fuji TV version / TV Asahi version) are recorded for the first time!

※ TV version is not recorded on DVD

※ TV version of the dubbing sound, the part without sound source is original voice · Japanese subtitles.

● Original English voice recorded 5.1 ch by digital remix!

● Paul Schroeder’s voice commentary recorded! ※ US board Blu-ray not yet recorded

– Includes valuable bonus footage of fan-dropping! (About 119 minutes) * First recorded number


A beautiful daughter Irene (N · Kinski) who visited Paul (M · McDowell) who was living far away and came to the ancient capital New Orleans. That night when I was pleased with the reunion after a long long time, a big black leopard hit a whore in a cheap hotel in the city and was captured by the zoo. The identity of the black leopard was a pole. My brother and sister drew blood of the cursed “cat · people", and when I love each other, I transform into a leopard. I had a fate that I could not return to my form unless I had to kill him. Irene, who is attracted to Oliver (John · Hard), a gentle owner of the zoo. A terrible tragedy opens when a light first love becomes burning with uncontrollable desire.


Nasutasha Kinski (“Paris, Texas")

John Hard (“Home Alone")

Malcolm McDowell (“Clockworks Orange")

Annette O’Toole (“Superman III / Electronic Fortress")

Ruby Dee (“American Gangster")

Frankie Phason (“Silence of the Lambs")

Ed Begley Jr (“Batman Forever")

Scott Pollin (“Light Stuff")

Lynn Lori (“Sea Birth / Islands of Human Eating Creatures")

“Voice appearance" ※ DVD version / Fuji “Golden Movie Theater" version / Tele Drama “Sunday Movie Theater" version

Irene (Nasutasha · Kinski): Kotono Mitsuishi / Keiko Toda / Maya Okamoto

Paul (Malcolm McDowell): Koya Oyama / Agriculture Terada / Tsutomu Isobe

Oliver (John · Hard): Hitoshi Ohya / Takashi Toyama / Koichi Yamadera

Alice (Annette Our): Ando Bando / Masaru Takashima / Masako Katsuaki

Femory (Ruby · Dee): Kobari Komiya / Aiko Koshima / Eiko Tani



1. English Dolby TrueHD 5.1 ch surround (remix)

2. Japanese Dolby Digital 2.0ch stereo (Dubbing (1))

3. Japanese Dolby Digital 2.0ch mono (Dubbing (2))

4. Japanese Dolby Digital 2.0ch mono (Dubbing (3))

5. English Dolby Digital 2.0ch mono (audio commentary)


1. Japanese subtitles

2. Subtitles for dubbing (1)

3. subtitles for dubbing (2)

4. subtitles for dubbing (3)

5. Subtitles for audio explanation

【Video benefits】

○ Nasuta – Sha · Kinsky Interview (5 minutes 56 seconds) ※ DVD not recorded

○ Annette O’Toole Interview (8 minutes 25 seconds) ※ DVD not recorded

○ John · Hard interview (6 minutes 12 seconds) ※ DVD not recorded

○ Malcom / McDowell interview (7 minutes 35 seconds) ※ DVD not recorded

○ Lynn Lauri interview (5 minutes 53 seconds) ※ DVD not recorded

○ Giorgio Moroder interview (5 minutes 32 seconds) ※ DVD not recorded

○ Paul Schroeder Interview (9 minutes 13 seconds) ※ DVD not recorded

○ Paul Schroeder’s former interview (10 minutes 20 seconds)

○ Shooting privacy (25 minutes 15 seconds)

○ Interview with Special Makeup Artist (11: 09 seconds)

○ Comparison of special effects on blue screen (3 minutes 09 seconds)

○ Director Robert Wise talks about Val Luteon (3 minutes 31 seconds)

○ Theater trailer (2 types / 2 minutes 18 seconds) ※ 1 type is not recorded on DVD

○ TV spot (30 seconds) ※ DVD not recorded

○ Photo Gallery (about 12 minutes) ※ DVD not recorded

Cat · People – HD Remastered Edition – [Blu-ray]

 Paul Schrader: Product infomation

Cast: Nastasha Kinski, John Hurd, Malcolm McDowell, Annette O’Toole, Ruby Dee

Director: Paul Schreder

Format: Color, Dolby, Widescreen

Language: English, Japanese

Subtitle: Japanese

Region code: Region free (all over the world)

Screen size: 1.78: 1

Number of disks: 1

Distributor: Happinet

Release date 2017/12/02

Time: 118 minutes

JAN: 4907953071926

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