Cage of a beast- DVD 7 sheets ACC-108

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Cage of a beast- DVD 7 sheets ACC-108

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1. Disappearance Reason why I confined her

75 minutes color 2005

Director: Hideo Naoko

Cast: Kaede Fujyoro Infiltration

Ako Togawa and her lover, Hiroki who enjoy her high school life happily. Although two people gave up on high school entrance, they decided to hold a study meeting with a classmate Yoshio who aims for big exam while working. While waiting for the late Hiroki, Asako and Yoshio studied, but Yoshio lost reason in the gap she fell asleep. From that night the days of love and desire and confinement in the closed room will continue … ….

2. Actual sexual crime file news girls and men

60 minutes Color 1999

Director: Yasushi Shirosawa

Cast: Saito Rie Toe Fuku Kanako Hashimoto Yoko

“Board of Education staff member Weisets incident" caused by staff working obscene acts on runaway girls. “Meguro street continuous rape magic incidents" that shook a local single woman. “Elite dentist arrived at the end of affair" beauty wife strangle incident “. A three-part composition, a sneaky sex crime, a work that uncovered all of its methods.

3. Melody syndrome too feeling body feeling

74 minutes color 2006

Director: Mitsuru Natsukawa Yuzo Kanda Yoshio Akiyama

Cast: Sakurada Sakura Waka Kaoru Ebina Yuka

The first episode “Drunken OL and Molestarian Man" that recorded a case of a molesting incident done on a packed final train. The second episode in which the sexual harassment of the editorial department of the real story magazine was spelled “between delusions and reality." In the third episode “Self-conscious excess female college student", she depicts frustrated female college student. Narration · eros telling the pleasure of mortality from the woman’s side.

4. Following a female detective rape successive!

77 minutes color 2002

Director: Jun Ando

Cast: Rio Aoki Sakai Nanami

A skilled woman detective, Yuki Miyazaki. She was investigating the case of Kanai with a combination of consecutive rape cases. While listening continues, a man named Nishioka emerges on the investigation line. In private life, it was a series of passing with a lover, Yuki often returned to the station if there was contact even during sex. One night, Yuki herself was hit by a rape criminal … ….

5. Prison Bank Hell Crazy Banquet

70 minutes Color 1999

Director: Hanano

Cast: Shiina Erika Shiina Sanae Morishita Miki

Three bank robbers who broke into the bank right after closing. However, the plan to siege by the police and snatch the cash and escape was destroyed. The cathedrals make hostages hostage and do sex and desires as much as they can. What was waiting at the end of the horrible party featuring screams and foul odors … …. The ultimate violence · eros appeared!

6 rape hunter continuous assault

72 minutes Color 1999

Director: Naoyuki Tomomatsu

Cast: Rie Kuramoto Tomomi Kuribayashi Odawa Madoka

Intense rape case that happens continuously. Female high school student, nurse, OL, prey is … …. The lady police chases the criminal who does not choose anyone. However, she also became a victim of assault, reaching ecstasy. The identity of a rape criminal … …. Here is the real realism that drew out all of perverted desires!

7. New Female Prisoner Flower Core in Cage

71 minutes Color 1998

Director: Kei Shitori

Cast: Fujisaki Ayaka Momoi Maki Ogawa Mami

Miwa who has been dispatched as a psychiatrist to Kanto Women’s Medical Prison who housed only young ladies. She performs a psychoanalysis of Erica, a prisoner of life imprisonment. As counseling progresses, the abominable past of Miwa himself will be exposed. Lesbian, SM, rape, assault violence, female forbiddance and love that are held in female prison.

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Language is  Japanese only, No English subtitle.

Cast: Kaede, Fujishiro Injection, Saito Rie, Tohu Kanako, Hashimoto Yoko

Director: Hideo Shirota, Yasushi Shirosawa, Mitsuru Natsukawa, Yuzo Kanda, Yoshio Akiyama

Format: Color

Region code: Region 2 (This DVD may not be playable in other countries, please see here for DVD specifications.)

Number of discs: 7

Publisher: Cosmic Publishing Co., Ltd.

Release date 2017/09/30

Time: 499 minutes

JAN: 4959321953532

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