BRIMSTONE- Martin Colehoven [Blu-Ray]



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BRIMSTONE- Martin Colehoven [Blu-Ray]

The time of retaliation has come. A fascinating chronicle of love and violence, spelling in all four parts composition.

Suspense action by Guy Pearce and Dakota Fanning. Liz which lives in a small village with her husband and two children lived happily, although he could not speak in a certain circumstance. One day, her life changes completely through the pastor who came to the village.

■ Theater Smash Hit! Torture, abuse, insult, slaughter · · ·. Dark suspense action of revenge, spelled out in a fierce violence depiction!

Violence whimsically and unreasonable by a mysterious man who appeared suddenly from the side. However, it was only the beginning of spectacular revenge, which was carefully planned … A woman who decides to stand up to face a man.

A woman was longing for the opportunity to take revenge on a man in the depths of her heart. Revenge vs Revenge. A story of magnificent revenge that emphasizes violent depiction so that you want to turn your eyes and emotional stories embarrassing until rough. What happened to the past in the past? Is it desperation or hope to await the future?

■ Actor Guy · Pearce & Genius Dakota · Fanning star in double! Others “Game of Thrones" powerful cast competition!

Actor Da Kota Fanning who played married woman Riz is “I am Sam I Am Sam" acting as a genius child. With the charm of adults, I charmed by acting per body. To a mysterious man who fears her, a good actor Guy Pearce.

Invite the audience to feel extreme tension with a heavy presence. Also, Emilia Jones who is in the limelight as a next-generation beautiful girl, Caris Van Gauten of “Game of Thrones", Kit of Harveston of “Game of Thrones"

■ Contradictive content that is too strong is a problem work that raised discussion at the Venice International Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival and others!

When this film is screened at the Venice International Film Festival, its too intense story and portrayal raised a big debate. After that, at Toronto and other national film festivals, we left a strong impact.

Coach Martin Colehoven who gained worldwide success with “Academy Award for Foreign Language Film Awards Holding the final selection as a representative of the Netherlands" Force Down Enemy Escape “. Also, Guy Pearce who played a couple in the play and Caliphfan Gauten actually got married and became a real couple.

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Staff · cast interview


Guy Pearce (“L. A. Confidential" “Mement"), Dakota Fanning (“Space War" “I am Sam I Am Sam"),

Emilia Jones (“Pirates of the Caribbean / Fountain of Life" “Grand Finale"), Caris Van Gauten (“Game of Thrones" “Valkyrie"), Kit Harrington (“Game of Thrones" “Pompeii")


Director / Screenplay: Martin Colehoven (“Force Down Enemy Escape" “Koisuru Restaurant")

Music: Tom Halkenborg a.k.a. “Junkie XL" (“Mad Max’s Angry Death Road" “Deadpool")


A beautiful woman living in a small village living with her husband who is a year and two children. I can not speak words in a certain situation, but in the village I am relying as a midwife. My eldest son, a husband ‘s grandfather, is rebellious, but she lives a happy life with a young daughter and four families.

One day, one pastor came to the village, Liz ‘s life changed completely. That man whose body and faith like steel tells Liz that “You must punish your sin". She tells the family that danger is approaching ….

What on earth, what happened in her past …? It was the beginning of a story of fierce violence and revenge.

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BRIMSTONE- Martin Colehoven [Blu-Ray] Product detail

Cast: Guy Pearce, Dakota Fanning, Emilia Jones, Caris Van Gauten, Kit Harrington

Director: Martin Colehoven

Format: Color, Dolby, Widescreen

Region code: Region free (all over the world)

Screen size: 1.78: 1

Number of disks: 1

Distributor: Shochiku

Release date 2018/07/04

Time: 148 minutes

JAN: 4988105105584

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