Beyond the Darkness- Lusting meat love of -HD Remaster version – Blu-Ray

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Horror with the theme of death as directed by Joe Damato. Frank with strawberry making as a hobby had a fiancé, but the fiancee is cursed by a housekeeper who is jealous of their relationship. Frank who is lamented in sorrow reveals her tomb and gets dead body ….

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Beyond the Darkness- Lusting meat love of -HD Remaster version – Blu-Ray

【First disc format (DVD not yet released) / First recorded bonus number!】

Ultimate love that crimson blood is colored – Forbidden Necro-Horror definite version!

The theme of shock which gathered enthusiastic support while being afraid of “forbidden movie" with the theme of death, which is an eternal contraindication.

Peel off the nail of a woman brought into the mansion, sniff the throat and burn it down in an incinerator. The flesh cut apart is melted in the bath of sulfuric acid!

Italian · eros musical director Joe · Damato is a hell of appetite that gouges out the way of abnormal love with horrible cruel. The inorganic electro sounds played by the “Suspension" goblins color the story of sinful love.

● 2K Restore HD remastering 1080p high image quality wide screen version!

– First collection of valuable privilege images of fan-dropping! (About 95 minutes)


The hobby of youth Frank (K · Kantar) who inherits the parent’s heritage and lives in a mansion surrounded by deep forests is stuffed. He had a beautiful fiancé Anna (C · Monreale), but an older living resident Iris (F. Stoppy) is jealous of the relationship between the two, causing Anna to die from the voodoo magic. Frank who grieved is uncovering the grave at midnight, and puts a scalpel on the body of Anna that he got. Frank who tasted the sickness that eats the dead meat of a loved one and makes it stucco is absorbed in murder and perversion acts. The blooded mansion is covered with the smell of death.


Kieran Cantor

Sinzia · Monreale (“Beyond")

Franca Stoppi (“The Virtue of a Nun")

Sam Modesto

Anna Caldini

Lucia Delia (“The Last Concert")



1. English Dolby TrueHD 2.0ch mono (original)

2. Italian Dolby TrueHD 2.0ch mono (original)


1. Japanese subtitles for English

2. Japanese subtitles for Italian

【Video benefits】

○ Making documentary (68 minutes 50 seconds)

○ Location visit (20 minutes)

○ Italian version opening & ending (3 minutes)

○ Theater trailer (2 minutes 56 seconds)

Beyond the Darkness Lusting meat love of

 -HD Remaster version – Product infomation

Cast: Kieran · Cantar, Sinzia · Monreale, Franca Stoppi, Sam Modesto, Anna Kardini

Director: Joe Demato

Format: Color, Dolby, Widescreen

Languages: English, Italian

Subtitle: Japanese

Region code: Region free (all over the world)

Screen size: 1.78: 1

Number of disks: 1

Distributor: Happinet

Release date 2018/01/06

Time: 94 minutes

JAN: 4907953071940

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