Ayaka Oonuki – Sunshine Romance – Japanese Gravure Idols DVD


Ayaka Oonuki is a Japanese gravure idol. Born in Tokyo ・ Kanagawa prefecture.
There are not many gravure DVD appearances, but with its bright character and puppy-like Lovely facial features, and plump body with plump body.


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Ayaka Oonuki lying down by the seaside, playing cute gestures. Show us your face on the island of everlasting summer ”Sunshine Romance”

Ayaka Oonuki – Sunshine Romance – Japanese Gravure Idols DVD

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DVD Audio
Note: This is a DVD-Audio disc and can be played on all DVD-Audio players and some DVD players.
Number of disks: 1
JAN: 4529971406100

Release date: November 20, 2013
Artist: Ayaka Oonuki
Publisher: Line Communications Inc.
Distributor: Line Communications Inc.
Number of discs: 1 sheet (1 Blu-ray Disc Video)
Recording time: 90 minutes
R specification: image video
Manufacturer Part Number: LCBD-610
JAN Code: 4529971006102

amazon Japan Customer Review
Mr. A
C1 opening
C2 red bikini on the sandy beach, rugged and full of sand
C3 Move to bed from white skirt, lodge’s veranda … without a black sleeve … finally take off.
Lay down in a pink frills bikini. I am concerned that the eyes seem to be congested.
C4 Corocoro massage in the bathroom → body wash with foam.
C5 black micro bikini (+ black strike), rough in the bed. The body line is erotic.
Lotion paint in the second half.
C6 Bikini with catch balls → Balance balls → Ame sucking → Assorted with outdoor pool.
Because I do not have enough breasts to shake anything …. Are the sights about underwater cameras?
From C 7 black dress to white bikini. Massage (belly → chest → legs; about 5 minutes) but as usual
Tickling shop. Even here something like red eyes.
C8 Lay down on the floor with white socks on a gray high-leg swimsuit.
My back is completely open and I can enjoy side milk, but something is boring.
C9 At the beach, white bikini flickering from the bottom of the pattern dress.
This side is also exposed on the back, but the front is completely guard ….
C10 bedroom bed, cheerful loose blue running shirt and black trousers.
I take off from the bottom in the middle, but it does not make sense in a crouch pose.
C11 T-shirt gift announcement

Bonus track making (about 7 minutes). I can enjoy enjoying many still poses for taking pictures.

3rd “OVER” from another label released in 3 months. I-ONE seems to put cute in front
Making a royal road … Maybe it’s pretty much erotic due to degree of exposure, close-up etc.
down. Especially the second half is the solidity of the guard which I do not think as an adult gravure model.
There seems to be few conspicuous points of recording time, so if you are an avid fan, let’s buy it at the offer.
Pretty bonus and stars 3.


ayaka oonuki

Oonuki Ayaka:Profile
Famous Parents
Date of birth October 1, 1992
Current age 25 years old
Hometown Japan’s flag Japan / Kanagawa Prefecture
Blood type A type
Nominal size (as of 2016
Height / Weight 157 cm / – kg
Three size 85 – 58 – 85 cm
Cup size D
Remarks Shoe size: 23.5 cm
Unit system conversion
Debut 2011
Genre Gravure Idol
Office Fit 1

Refference Videos:
Although it is the person She shown in the video, it is not included in the product contents

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