Aya Asahina- Photo Album “AYA” Monograph – 2018 February 3

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Aya Asahina- Photo Album “AYA" Monograph – 2018 February 3

Aya Asahina that is popular among women, as well as men, with its outstanding proportions (how nice head!!) And super beautiful face. While active as a popular model in female fashion magazines, her long-awaited second photo album is finally released with variety variety, drama, and commercial on TV! It’s a tropical paradise that I wanted to visit, that shoot in Hawaii The content of the attention is the thing of the throbbing which the heart and the body were just released freely! Please refreshingly and sexyly …, please take a look at one book full of charm of Aya.

A nine-headed beautiful woman. It is the closest to the most beautiful BODY that is shining now.

Aya Asahina- Photo Album “AYA" Monograph – 2018 February 3: Product detail


Publisher: Wanibooks (2018 February 3)

Language: Japanese

ISBN-10: 4847049713

ISBN-13: 978-4847049712

Release date: 2018/2 / 3

Packing size: 26.2 x 18.8 x 1.2 cm

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