ASAMI- New Captivity Escape Movie Version: Japanese Video Chinema



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ASAMI- New Captivity Escape Movie Version: Japanese Video Chinema

The masterpiece of erotic V cinema is back as a 35mm theater release movie!
★ Tsu, Ka, Ma, E, Ta
★ Desire never sleeps
Absurd, insanity will eventually open the door to perversion …
A sex feast for two people in a closed room
The truth of love born in extreme situations
“Captivity Escape”-The 12-movie blockbuster V-Cinema has revived as the latest movie version of Mega Impact, which has been upgraded using unique interpretations and techniques, starring Go Nagai. In the movie “Oira Namba (Skeban)” and “Cream Lemon” series, celebrated the popular “Asami” in various fields such as photo books and TV dramas, and as a beautiful girl confined, “. Both perform complex and serious roles literally by stretching their bodies. The director is Daisuke Goto, who has published numerous excellent works such as “82 (crocodile) branch office”, “Scorpion in USA” and “Gotoshi Co., Ltd.” A masterpiece that has a new history in the series.
darkness. I wonder if it’s a boiler room in a building somewhere, the smell and intermittent mechanical sounds … “Kimika” wakes up in such a different space. A giant wearing a whirlwind approaching eerie from the depths of the darkness, a strange voice heard from a voice changer. Kimika’s father, Daisuke, is Toshi Arm’s president who runs a mid-sized general contractor. I have no idea that my daughter has been kidnapped or imprisoned. Daisuke, who has lost his wife, is in love with his secretary and mistress, Narumi (Asami). One threatening phone changes everything. Daisuke notices the importance of the thing after hearing your voice. The relationship between the father and daughter who were too thin. And a certain case in the past that decided that … Mikaka in a closed room finally regains calmness. Due to the relationship between the two and the criminal alone, as time passes, Mikami feels a subtle change in emotions, which eventually evolves into perverted affection. What is the true purpose of the criminal? And what is its identity? In the basement of a certain building, a dazzling world of madness and obsceneness unfolds.
2008 National Theater Releases
[Production] Shintoho Co., Ltd./Takeshobo Co., Ltd.
70 minutes (planned) + bonus 15 minutes.

A masterpiece of erotic V cinema appears in a theatrical movie using unique interpretations and techniques! Appeared in addition to Asami, Sakura. R-18 designation.

Cast: Asami
Director: Daisuke Goto
Format: Color, Dolby, Widescreen
Language: Japanese
Region Code: Region 2
Screen Size: 1.78: 1
Number of discs: 1
Publisher: Takeshobo
Sales Date 2008/08/08
Time: 70 minutes
JAN: 4985914751322

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