AKB48: Between 0 and 1[Complete Singles] CD + DVD, Limited Edition

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AKB 48 is a Japanese super idol group unknown.
Produced by Yasushi Akimoto, born in December 2005.
The concept is “an idol that can go to meet.”


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AKB48: Between 0 and 1 [Complete Singles] 
 CD + DVD, Limited Edition

CD: AKB 48 single 43 tracks + 3 new tracks included

■ DVD Contents: “AKB48 Group Member Air Handshake Association 2015” “DECADE ~ AKB48 10 Years’ Trail ~”
■ Enclosure privilege: Encapsulation of 5 raw pictures, inclusion of event participation drawing lottery tickets
100P over SPECIAL BOOKLET “Tracks of 43 songs” enclosed (single full song complete commentary + photo album + α)

【New singing members】
DISC 3 tracks
M-13. Do not cry on Christmas Eve (new songs) 【Singing members: Sakuya Miyawaki, Mari Watanabe】
M-14. The beginning snow (new song) [Singing members: Ryo Hana Oshima, Shuri Takahashi, Yuhana Tano, Ten Musume Muroto]
M-15. Rosario (New Song) 【Singing members: Anna Iriyama, Rena Kato, Yuria Kisaki, Haruka Kodama】

Item Details: AKB 48 / Between 0 and 1 [Complete Singles] Limited Edition

CD (2015/11/18)
Number of discs: 4
Format: CD + DVD, Limited Edition
Label: King Records
Recording time: 215 minutes
JAN: 4988003478285

Track Listings
Disk: 1
Play: Sakura’s petals (2015 BEST ver.) 1. Sakura’s petals (2015 BEST ver.)
Play: Skirt, Hirari (2015 BEST ver.) 2. Skirt, Hirari (2015 BEST ver.)
Playback: I wanted to meet you 3. I wanted to meet you
Play: Uniforms get in the way 4. Uniforms get in the way
Reproduction: love you despised 5. Affectionate love
Playback: BINGO! 6. BINGO!
Play: My sun 7. My sun
Play: Watching the sunset? 8. Are you watching the sunset?
Played: Romance, Irene 9. Romance, Irene
Rebirth: Sakura petals 2008 10. Sakura petals 2008
Play: Baby! Baby! Baby! 11. Baby! Baby! Baby!
Play: Loud diamond 12. Loud diamond
Regeneration: 10 years Sakura 13. Cherry blossoms 10 years
Play: Tears Surprise! 14. Tears Surprise!
Play: excuse Maybe 15. Excuse Maybe

Disk: 2
Playback: RIVER 1. RIVER
Play: Shiori of Sakura 2. Bookmark of Sakura
Played: Ponytail and Chou. 3. Ponytail and Chou
Play: Heavy Rotation 4. Heavy Rotation
Play: Beginner 5. Beginner
Play: Order of opportunities 6. Order of opportunities
Play: Let’s be a cherry tree 7. Let’s be a cherry tree
Play: Everyday, headband 8. Everyday, headband
Play: Flying Get 9. Flying Get
Play: the wind is blowing 10. The wind is blowing
Regeneration: Mariko from the top 11. Mariko from above
Play: Midsummer Sounds good! 13. Midsummer Sounds good!
Play: gingham check 14. gingham check
Playback: UZA 15. UZA
Play: Eternal Pressure 16. Eternal Pressure

Disk: 3
Play: So long! 1. So long!
Play: Goodbye Crawl 2. Goodbye Crawl
Play: Fall in love Fortune Cookie 3. Fall out Fortune Cookie
Play: Heart · electric 4. Heart · electric
Rebirth: How do you change our relationship if you say “Looking at your smile in your dream” on the way of Suzuku’s tree, like a slightly embarrassing conclusion after thinking for a few days to me Things 5. On the road of Suzuku’s tree “How do you see your smile in your dreams” How will we change our relationship, somewhat embarrassing conclusion after a while thinking about a few days Something
Playback: Only front ahead 6. Only front
Regeneration: Labrador Retriever 7. Labrador Retriever
Play: heart cards placard 8. heart cards
Regeneration: Wishful refrain 9. Hopeful refrain
Play: Green Flash 10. Green Flash
Play: We will not fight 11. We will not fight
Played: Halloween Night 12. Halloween Night
Play: Do not cry on Christmas Eve 13. Do not cry on Christmas Eve
Regeneration: Snow in the beginning 14. Snow in the beginning
Play: Rosary 15. Rosary

Disk: 4
1. AKB 48 Group Member Air Handshake Association 2015
2. DECADE ~ AKB 48 10 Years’ Trail ~[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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