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Speedy and secure payment method, Pay the purchase price with Paypal.

Paypal managing the world’s largest online remittance system.

You probably already have a Paypal account,

If you do not have a Paypal account yet, we recommend that you register.

There are various merits that you can gain by having a Paypal account.

When you register new account in Paypal, you need to set credit card information when creating Paypal account.

1. Shopping experience at online shops all over the world.

If you have a Paypal account.

You will be able to shop quickly with online shops in various countries all over the world.

The items required on the payment screen are only your Paypal registration email address and login password!

2. Process from adding product to shopping cart until payment is completed.

It is very speedy.

This does not require you to enter your credit card number anymore when you shop at the online shop.

You just enter your email address and password on the Paypal login screen.

After that you can pay purchase products completely on payment screen of Paypal.

So you do not need to send credit card number to the store.

How to buy

Step 1

When you find the product you want, add it to the shopping cart first.

Product has been added to the shopping cart.
Let’s check it on the screen of the shopping cart.

Step 2

Here is an example of purchasing two media.

Please check the contents of the shopping cart.

Although our shop has automatic shipping fee calculation function, our products are all worldwide delivery free of charge.
You do not need to use this function.

In the following example, the shipping fee is automatically calculated with the postal code of England and London, but of course the shipping fee is displayed as free.

Final Step Paypal Pay

Please check the order details and the total amount well in the end.

If there is no mistake, we will move to paypal payment screen.

The shopping cart page of our shop has two buttons “Paypal Proceed to check out" and “check out with Paypal", but both are

basically the same as they are settlement of Paypal.

The simplest is the “Paypal Proceed to check out" button.

This is easier and less troublesome.

When you complete payment, order data will be sent to our store immediately.

We will review your order and start shipping preparation.

From order receipt to shipment it is up to 5 days, the shortest is 2 days.

Our shop will surely deliver the product to you.


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