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Just the right age she plays the best performance.

The arrival product of the day is “Manami Hashimoto”.
Both DVD and Blu – ray are perfectly arranged!
Manammi Hashimoto is a popular gravure idol in Japan.
Among Japanese men who love her, she is said to be “the woman No.1 who wants to be a mistress”.

She is 33 years old, so basically the image is different from the young gravure idol.

It is an impression of a moist and calm adult woman ..
Excellent style. The legs are also beautiful and very beautiful legs.

And although she has a strong impression of being a gravure idol, she is actually working very well as an actress. There are so many movies and dramas she is appearing.

She was born in a rural area called Yamagata Prefecture in Japan. Yes .. The area called Yamagata prefecture
It is countryside in north direction in Japan as well.

By the way, I am a representative of SpiderDVD, I am from Akita prefecture and it is very close to Yamagata.
So Akita prefecture is also in the countryside like Yamagata prefecture.

Her is There are many photo collections, but there are more “digital photo books” than that.

I am thinking of handling her photo collection in our shop in the future as well.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Unlike young gravure idols, not only swimwear, kimono matches.
A 33-year-old sexy beauty “Manami Hashimoto” can never be a young gravure idol
You can perform performance.
Certainly her fans may have many middle-aged men, but that’s why the age range of fans is wide, too.

Here is a photo album of “Manami Hashimoto released on September 29, 2017
” bicho bicho ”

Manami Hashimoto photo book[bicho bicho] Credit photo :

It is a strange title … but it’s quite popular.

The best recommendation that I received today today is this.

Image taken by Manami chan in the Thai paradise.
This DVD was pretty popular on eBay.

>>For details, click here

Manami chan will also appear on such an extreme image.
In this video, she is the character of the housing estate wife.
I am excited just by listening to words.


Sample video

>>Product details are here.

Why do not you join us on a “secret journey” with her?
You can see her various facial features such as country house, coast, etc.
It is a DVD with very original origin that you can experience a mysterious story.

>>Product details are here.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Her all the media has gathered, but I think that new work will probably be on sale soon.
SpiderDVD gets the new media of Manami Hashimoto as soon as possible and sells it!

Thank you,

Spider DVD
Gen Fujiwara[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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