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Risa Yoshiki, her gravure picture is too attractive.

Today, we received nine gravure videos of the popular gravure idol “Risa Yoshiki”. She sells well on eBay auction site, and you can see that demand is high outside Japan.
Risa Yosshiki is a Japanese super gravure idol.
It is not an exaggeration to say that she has already established immovable status in the Japanese gravila industry.
Her refreshing smile. Looks kind. She is overflowing with transparency .. In Japan she’s such a charm
There are a lot of male fans just before knocking down.

She is careful 162 cm, the three size is exactly balanced with “80 · 59 · 88”.
Looking at only the size, you may feel somewhere ordinary, but such “normalness” also
It is also her charm.

But, her biggest weapon is another one. She is pretty when she is wearing clothes, but somewhere
It may seem normal as well.

But it is different! As soon as she takes off her clothes and becomes a swimsuit, that atmosphere turns into a luxurious atmosphere.
She seems to have a magical power of transformation and change.

She has the power to change momentarily from an ordinary woman to a fascinating woman who deceives a man!
That can be said as her greatest charm.

Risa Yoshiki announces marriage with Japanese actor.

risa-yoshiki & Masato Wada

.. But we have regretful information .. Actually, she “married Risa Yoshiki” got married on 22nd November 2017.
Well … sorry. Our idol “Risa Yoshiki” has already become a wife.
This is a tragedy! I can not help it, so let’s support her in the future as before.

She is already 30 years old. It is a wonderful year to marry.

Her husband who is interested is Mr. Masato Wada of Japanese actor. A beard is growing, a young man.

The gravure video on which she plays shows a variety of faces. Sometimes innocently, sometimes sexy and mature ..
She will leave a strong message to us without having to say a word.
If you watch the video of Risa Yoshiki you surely feel the same way.

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